Chapter Six

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I was currently sitting in Calculus.

Blake and Jordan were bickering behind me.

"Dude, ten bucks says I could do a backflip onto the table behind us."

"No way. You'll fall and break your neck like an idiot."

"I'll do it, and then you'll owe me ten bu-"

"Why not do your work instead?" I said, turning around to face them both.

"Because Calculus makes zero sense," Blake pointed out.

"Yeah cause you're dumber than a goldfish," Jordan replied.

"Am not! Stef, am I dumber than a goldfish?" Blake asked, turning to me.


He gave me an offended look. "We aren't friends anymore."

"We were friends?" I asked.

"You have friends?" Jordan said sarcastically at the same time. Blake pouted in his seat.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. How long had it been since I had laughed? I couldn't even remember. I even saw Blake and Jordan give me a side glance when I laughed, small smiles on their faces.

The bell rang.

"Yes! Gym! Something I can actually do!" Blake exclaimed out loud, catching people's attention as we walked out of class.

"You just insulted yourself," Jordan pointed out. 

"Uhhh.. no I didn't!" Blake said, trying to change the subject. "Stef, what subject do you have?"

"I have- oh shit I have gym with you guys," I realised, internally groaning.

The boys went to their lockers and I went to mine, grabbing my gym stuff. I didn't actually do gym but I just grabbed them just in case we were doing something easy in gym that I could maybe participate in.

When I got into the change rooms, most girls either stared or ignored me, continuing to gossip about their daily lives.

I went into the corner, changing into my gym gear. When the change rooms where mostly empty, I walked out, heading to sit down on the bleachers.

"Hey! Girl! Get out here! NOW!" a coach yelled at me. Girls snickered as I got up, suddenly nervous. It was obviously a substitute teacher.

"Um, I can't d-"

"Alright everyone! Today we are playing dodgeball!" the substitute coach yelled, picking the two captains. One was Jordan and the other was some boy that I didn't know the same of.

You can make it through a simple dodgeball game, Stef.

I kept thinking that as the captains stood up. They did rock, paper scissors and Jordan won.

"Pick your teams," the coach said, going to get the dodgeballs.

"Stef," Jordan said, surprising everyone and myself. I hesitantly got up and stood with Jordan.

The other captain picked some boy. Blake was the next one to join Jordan's team. He high fived Jordan before the captains continued to pick teams.

Once the teams were picked, the coach lined the dodgeballs up in the middle and blew the whistle. Immediately, students ran to grab them. I stayed behind, watching and dodging the balls that people occasionally threw at me.

Soon, it was only a couple people left in the game.

One of the more athletic boys rested his gaze on me, smirking evilly. He grabbed a ball and walked closer, while staying within the boundaries.

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