Chapter Forty One

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"How did this work?" Amber blatantly questioned as I helped her push Blake's mattress into the river. With Blake on it. Somehow, he didn't wake up. He was covered in a disgusting mixture of what Amber had brought, and the smell was the worse thing a nose could be burdened with.

"We tied Xavier to a tree without waking him up, and you question this?" I replied. "The others didn't wake up either, which was a freaking miracle."

Jordan was currently sleeping in one of the horrible public bathroom stalls, while Ethan was tied down to a picnic table with rope. Each had their lifetime dose of Amber's disgusting mixture. I could smell it from a mile away.

"Kinky, huh?" Amber said, wiggling her eyebrows as she saw me look over at Ethan who was still asleep. "Well, besides the shit on him."

I scoffed. "Duh."

"Seriously though, are you going to stop being pissy at them and become friends again or what?" she said in an outburst, causing me to laugh. "All jokes aside, do it already."

"It sounds like you're on their side."

"I am," she proudly declared. "Have you seen their muscles? Hot."

I shook my head but didn't answer while I smiled. Her smile faded a little, indicating that she was still waiting for an answer.

"I think.." I said, biting my lip. "I think I will, but I have to talk to Ethan first. At least after he has a shower."

Amber chuckled. "He'll need to have at least four."

Amber set up cameras around the three crime scenes, waiting for the first one of them to wake up. We had decided not to film Jordan, as we couldn't just stick a camera in a public bathroom. So we waited, betting on who would wake up first. Amber bet that it was gonna be Ethan, but my money was on Xavier. Who hangs vertically from a tree without waking up for more than an hour?

Not Xavier, apparently. He woke up first, confusedly glancing around until he realised that he was in fact suspended five feet off the ground and covered in a garbage smoothie.

"What in the.. actual fuck?" he said, pulling on the ropes that suspended his hands to the tree branches. "Get me down! What did you guys do? What the fuck is this?" he yelled as he wrinkled his nose and gagged. "Fuck!"

Amber burst out in laughter, slightly more humoured than I as I raised an eyebrow. I laughed as well, but not as much as her. The cogs in my brain began to turn.

"Can you.." he started to say before seeing us laughing. "Alright, fine. I totally deserve this," he said, beginning to chuckle himself. "But seriously, can I come down?"

"Nah," I told him. "Only non-dickheads can come down from trees."

"Stef! I love you and I'm sorry and I'll give you every type of junk food I can find and I'll do your washing for a week and I'll stop being an asshole and I'll-"

"If I let you down, will you be quiet?" I yelled, having had enough of all this apologising bullshit.

He nodded his head frantically, and Amber lowered him down with the ropes. He fell to the ground, rushing forward with a hug.

"Oh no no no!" I said, scrambling backwards. "Showers are THAT way!"

He stopped and nodded again before running towards the shower area. From the similar direction came Jordan, who looked less amused by the situation as he had pieces of toilet paper stuck on his body as well as the concoction that Amber made. I almost threw up looking at him.

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