Chapter Eight

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They were all wearing black. They were laughing and pushing each other around.

I, very gracefully, dived off the swing and ran behind the slide. I peaked out, watching them.

This is when I actually took notice of their appearances.

Xavier was the tallest, having broad shoulders and his muscles bulging underneath his thin jumper. His dark brown hair stood out against his skin.

Blake was the second tallest, but also being the least muscular one, even though he was still pretty built. His blonde hair stood out against the black hoodie that he was wearing.

Jordan had light brown hair which was harder to notice in the light. Ethan, however, had been gifted with very dark hair that appeared almost black. They were built the same, both muscular and lean. Ethan was a bit taller, making Jordan the shortest one.

And all four of them were really, really, hot.


Never mind that, why are they in the park at this time anyway?

I didn't know the answer to that, I was just pretty much praying that they didn't see me. I'll probably be branded as 'stalker'.

I momentarily panicked when I realised that they were walking this way, obviously walking past the playground. Would they see me in the dark?

I had no idea.

I could bolt, but they'd probably see me.

While I was contemplating life or death, the worst possible thing happened.

My phone started to ring.

The phone screen lit up brightly, showing Kaitlyn's face. I cursed. The brightness was all the way up, illuminating the dark around me.

And the boys had stopped talking, looking over here. I quickly turned the brightness down and sent Kaitlyn a text, telling her that I would call her later.

I peeked around the slide, only to find that the boys had gotten a lot closer.

A lot closer.

As in they were standing around three metres away from me.

I awkwardly got out from behind the slide to meet two amused expressions and two hard looks.

I chuckled awkwardly. "Hey.. nice night out tonight isn't it?"

"Are you stalking us?" Ethan said in a harsh tone.

I scoffed. "I was here first, so it's not stalking. And no, one because I actually have a life and two because even if you guys had lives, I would have no interest in them," I raised an eyebrow. I could feel Xavier's blue eyes staring at me, narrowing his eyes, but I ignored him.

"Nice talking to ya, bye," I said, confidently walking in the opposite direction. I opened up my phone and checked Google Maps, which pointed me in the right direction towards my house. I didn't look back to see whether the boys had left or not.

>< >< ><

When I opened the door to my house, I gasped.

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