Chapter Thirty One

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So, my doctor was at my house right now.

Probably bad news.. right?

Anyway, I went downstairs when my mother called for me. I could hear my doctor's voice, and I had a slight sense of dread overcome my insides.

"What's up d-"

"Please, stop," my father interrupted, almost laughing. "For the fourteenth time, stop repeating that joke." I smiled sheepishly and shrugged. He shook his head in amusement from the couch, leaning forward.

"But its my best work!"

"Stef," my mother said from where she was standing, half in the kitchen. "We have a guest, keep your antics to yourself."

"Just this once," I bargained. "So what's the scoop?"

"I'm concerned that your health isn't improving," the doctor said. "Your weight has gone down even more, you're pale, and your mother tells me about your uneven sleeping patterns. Also your frequent illnesses in your throat.."

My mood dropped from playful to horrible in a heart beat. I can't lie and say that I hadn't noticed these things, especially the weight loss and irregular sleeping patterns. I cleared my throat, avoiding the known presence of my choked up throat.

"The treatment isn't working?" My mother asked, her voice painfully quiet and serious.

"I can't tell without proper testing, but her symptoms are accelerating. If this continues to happen, she will have to be hospitalised and monitored closely."

"What does this mean?" my father asked, holding his head on his hands. "What do we do?"

"I would suggest complete restriction to bed rest," the doc said. "Including no school or activities," she added, looking at me before she started talking again. "Your parents can look after you and track your condition, alerting me if anything changes. It also puts you at a lesser risk of infection, which could influence the treatment progress."

"So... I get to do nothing? What about school? I just finished mid year exams! And I just got a job, too!" I exclaimed, standing up after I had unconsciously sat down on the floor.

"You got a job?" both of my parents said ludicrously. "Since when?" my mother continued.

"Since an hour ago, when they called me," I replied with a witty tone, although I was pained inside. "It was going to be a surprise."

My doctor sighed and blew out air. "You can go to your job, but school is forbidden. Too many risks of infection, I'm sorry," she said.

I swallowed down bile in my throat.

"Alright, fine," my mother said, eventually losing the battle with her thoughts in the silent room. "No more school."

"But-" I argued.

"Stephanie," my mother said tiredly. "Don't argue with me on this one."

I opened my mouth, but caught a glance at her expression. The sheer pain made me stop, and I was back to being silent.

"If her condition changes at all from now," the doctor said. "call me. And I'll be continuing to give you updates on her treatment results and schedule."

"Thank you doctor," my mother said, walking the doctor to her car outside. The house was back to being quiet, my father and I sitting in the tense room.

"I got the job at that new cafe on the corner," I told my dad. "My first shift is next week, on Tuesday. It was meant to be after school, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore," I said bitterly.

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