Chapter Thirty Two

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Scratch that. That is not the correct way to make tacos.

"These tacos taste like shit."

"Maybe because you were the one that burned the meat."

"You were in charge of the meat."

"Yeah, but you distracted me!"

"I'm just too handsome and charming," Ethan said, wearing a smug look. I chucked a piece of lettuce at him, which he dodged.

The girls had settled on snacking on other foods for the night once they had seen the state of the meat. Almost blackened. Still edible, right?

... Nope.

"Can we just, go to McDonald's or something?" I asked. "I can text my mum and say I'll be getting home a bit later." My stomach growled as if on cue.

He shrugged. "Sure, but I'll have to bring the girls." I nodded in agreement. "Also, you will be wearing my clothes there. And they're a bit big."

I shrugged this time. "I'm fine with that. They're comfortable." And they smelled good.

I didn't mention that last thought. Obviously. Then I bit my lip, wondering if my mother was going to kill me. The answer was most definitely a yes.

Ethan grinned, throwing me a wink before walking into the girls room. They were probably meant to be in bed, but they were even more excited when Ethan told them that we were going on an 'adventure.' They, having put on new clothes, rushed out into the living room and jumped up and down. I walked in, and Ethan grabbed his keys, wallet and phone.

We left the house and drove to the fast food place, it only being less than five minutes away. The girls kept trying to score themselves an ice cream with chocolate fudge, but Ethan denied. We drove into the car park, and decided to just go inside and order.

"Do you want me to go in and order?" I offered, seeing that it was a little too crowded inside for the girls.

Ethan nodded. "Yeah, thanks." He listed off what we had all decided on ordering, and I made sure I remembered it before getting out of the car.

I walked in, in Ethan's baggy clothes, and strolled up to the cue. The place was full because of the hour, but people were filing out every minute. Once the line had thinned, only three groups of people remained at the tables. It was finally my turn to order, and I repeated the memorised order perfectly before paying for the food. Ethan had handed me money, but I had used my own.

I also added four ice creams to the list. Those girls were just too cute.

I waited for the number on my order ticket to pop up on the screen. More people walked out of the place. I then noticed a few familiar faces from school. Veronica, Belle, Kaitlyn and a few douchebag guys sat at a table. Oscar was one of them, a guy who had I had managed to piss off some time ago. However, he was a bully just like the rest of them.

I spun around quickly, wishing in my head repeatedly. Don't notice me, don't notice me!

I decided to quickly look back, making sure that the attention wasn't on me. Veronica was swapping saliva with Oscar, a sight that I wished I had never seen. I hadn't known they were dating.

Belle, unfortunately, had noticed my glance and shoved her hand in the air with a wave. "Look who it is! Stephanie!"

"Shit. Balls. Shit motherfu-" I muttered to myself before they all looked up and stared straight at me. Keep it cool.

"We haven't seen you in ages! Where have you been? Rehab?" Veronica snarled, grinning from ear to ear at her clever joke. "Pregnant? Wouldn't be surprised honestly."

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