Chapter Four

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One way or another, there is always the stuck up Queen Biatch in every school.

I was hoping that I would get the honour, note the sarcasm, to meet her later rather than sooner.

Unfortunately, I'm not that lucky.

I was walking in the hallways, perfectly fine, when a high heeled foot stuck out and tripped me, causing me to drop my coffee which managed to go all over me. The school laughed a little but didn't dare say a word.

"Nice one Veronica!" her little number one minion said in a nasily voice that made me want to offer her some tissues.

Veronica, aka Queen Biatch, sneered at me.

Her high heels were huge, making her way taller. Her top looked like it was bought from 'Kids R Us' and her skirt looked like it couldn't get any shorter even if it wanted to. Her hair was the colour of someone's urine and her attitude, it seemed, was worse than Professor Umbridge on her period.

Since I fell forward, the coffee spilt on me and it knocked my chest around, making it sore there now. I groaned and stood up, covered in coffee.

"Let me guess, you're the school's number one bitch, am I correct?" I said. I was taller than her even with her high heels, so I wasn't very intimidated.

"How dare you, do you know who I am?"

"Yeah, I just said it. Duh. You're a bit slow," I replied, glaring at her. She had ruined my day and my outfit.

She stomped her heel, her friends behind her glaring at me.

"Still don't get it? I'll spell it out for you. B-I-T-C-"

I was interrupted by, oh I wonder who, the four dickheads.

"Lay off Stephanie. Veronica didn't do anything," Ethan said and I spluttered.

"Are you stupid? I'm asking you a legitimate question since you seem to be a little confused. Actually, you know what, I'm pretty done with your bullshit. All of you. Have fun not accomplishing anything in life, bye!"

I walked away, the crowd that had formed around us parted as I walked to my next class, Biology. The bell rang a couple seconds later. I was still covered in coffee so I explained to the teacher that I would be right back and I went to change into the spare clothes that I had thankfully brought to school.

When I went to my locker, however, there were four boys standing in the hallway, who immediately looked up.

"You've gotta be freaking kidding me," I muttered under my breath.

They all started grinning evilly and came stalking towards me, I stumbled backwards, turning around to run. My chest heaved with pain as I ran.

They caught up to my straight away, grabbing me and hoisting me into the air.

This time, they didn't go in the direction of the pool. They were going into the more deserted part of the school, the part that was darker and dirtier. Classes didn't look like they were held here. Hell, even the janitor hadn't been there.

They threw me against the lockers, hard.

My back exploded in pain, my chest tightening up. I couldn't breathe. I think I was having a panic attack.

They were laughing, too busy to notice me. I was breathing loudly and raggedly, each breath being a gasp for air.

Only one of them was looking at me, Jordan being that one I think. He was looking at me with confusion, and I highly doubt it, and a bit of... concern.

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