Chapter Thirty Three

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My doctor had come over, again, to have a serious discussion with my parents while also checking up on my health and physical signs. It was a quick visit, but it had prolonged my parents' plans of going out for dinner that night.

I usually zoned out completely when these things happened, a sort of numbness, and I left it to my parents to make the decisions based on my trust. I could be reckless, and we all knew that. My actions in the past had demonstrated it well.

I had been in the living room when my mother informed me that they were leaving, planning to walk the doctor out and lock the door. I replied, turning my attention back to the movie on the flatscreen.

A moment or so later, there was knocking at the door. I furrowed my eyebrow and got up, wearing an expression of confusion. Didn't they just leave?

I opened the door to Xavier, who had been looking at his feet. He snapped his neck up straight away, taking it my probably awful appearance. Meanwhile, I had gasped and jumped back in surprise. I was expecting my parents, not him.

"Xavier?" I asked. "God, you scared me. What are you doing here?" I let him in, shutting the door behind him and blocking out the cool winds that had rushed to fill the room.

"You look pale," he observed, ignoring my question. He was acting strange, and I wasn't sure why. He wasn't loud, or charming as usual. "and skinner."

"Uh.." I stuttered. "I've been sick lately. Didn't you know? Bad flu."

"You've been away for weeks."

"As I said, a really bad flu."

He shook his head, looking around at my warm house. The heater was on the max, since I was always freezing. He mumbled something under his breath that I didn't hear, and then he turned towards me again and locked eyes with me.

"You won't tell us anything," he started. "And you avoid talking to us at all, plus even Ethan is worried. Oh, don't give me that face. I knew you two had been playing tonsil tennis since it happened."

"Wha-? How? Huh?" I spluttered, looking at him with a surprised and slightly impressed expression. "Did he tell you?"

"Nope, I'm just good at making observations and conclusions based on."

Holy shit. That was cool.

"You still didn't explain to me why you are here," I said, changing the topic as I sat down.

"I originally came to come to speak with you about school subjects, what you've missed, you know, normal stuff." He ruffled his hair, sighing.

"Sounds like fun," I joked. He didn't laugh. Worry set in my mind, and the conversation had gone dead quiet. "Originally?"

"I had been walking here, and I heard your mother and some lady talking outside. About you," he said, staring at me with accusing eyes.

My mind went into utter panic. Fear, guilt and more panic ripped its way through my motor neurons and I could no longer function. My breath halted, and my eyes widened.

"You fucking lied to us."

"I never lied." My voice shook as my hands trembled.

"You hid the truth— same fucking thing!" He stood up now, more agitated now as he gritted his teeth. "I thought that we were friends, and you fucking lie to us about something as important and your own fucking life? Do you know the meaning of friendship? We were meant to be loyal to each other! Did you not think about how this would effect any of us? For fuck's sake!" His voice was louder, and my face went pink with guilt.

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