Chapter Twenty

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"I love you too, cupcake." 


Blake and Belle were sitting at the lunch table, being way too lovey dovey for anyone to stomach. Jordan and I watched with confusion and disgust as they fed each other spoons of chocolate pudding, which wasn't very good anyway. 

Even Ethan and Xavier were in disbelief of the scene that was unfolding before them. I shook my head and got up, looking around the cafeteria. I spotted Amber walking in, and sitting at a table alone. I walked over to her, saying a quick goodbye to the guys, and sat down. She didn't have any food, and she was just sitting alone. She gave me a small smile as I walked over. 

"Hey," I greeted, sitting down in the seat next to her. I offered her some of my tasteless chocolate pudding. "Hungry?" 

"Not really, but thanks," she replied. We chatted for the remainder of lunch, talking about subjects and sports that we liked. I noticed Ethan, Xavier and Jordan leave the table due to Blake and Belle's... I don't even know what to call it honestly. 

"When do we find out about the soccer team again?" Amber asked. I recalled it in my memory.

"Today or tomorrow, I think. We can check the sports board, it will have the list up on there," I said, throwing the remainder of my gross pudding away and discarding the tray. We walked through the halls to just outside the office of the P.E teachers, right next to the gym entry. 

"It's not up yet," I said. "It will probably be there tomorrow." 

She nodded, agreeing. "Yeah." 

Just then, the bell rang which signalled the end of lunch. We parted ways and I went to my locker before making my way to class. 

Exams are starting very soon, I realised. Crap. 

>< >< >< 

I was at home, studying in my bedroom. My teachers had talked non stop all day about exams coming up, and how they could shape our future. Many just waved it off, but I immediately went into panic mode. I came home and started studying straight away. 

A knock on the door brought me out of my studying zone. Christen wasn't home, I think he had gone to the grocery store to pick up some snacks. I jumped off my bed, pretty much fell down the stairs, and made it to the door. I opened it to see a familiar yet unexpected face. 

"Uh, hi Ethan? What're you doing here?" I asked, seeing Ethan look a little distraught. He stood at my door, a dazed yet worried expression on his face. He held the hands of two little twin girls, who gave me a grin. 

"Can you watch them for a couple of hours?" he said abruptly and I almost didn't respond right away. 

"Uh, sure. Everything okay?" I asked, seeing his distressed body language and facial expression. I didn't ask what happened, it was probably none of my business. 

"Yeah, fine. Thanks," he said, nudging the girls forward until they came and hugged my legs. "Stay with Stef, okay?" he quickly knelt down to tell them before rushing back outside and into his car. I was left standing at the door with a confused face. 

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