Chapter Thirty Nine

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"What's with the suitcase?" I asked my mother, staring at it. I had just woken up, and my eyes had flown straight to it.

"It's a surprise."

I raised an eyebrow. "Can I open it?"


I huffed and crossed my arms. I didn't like the hospital, and I was once again extremely bored. When I had woken up, I did overhear the doctors speaking of my condition. Apparently, it had since improved. I tried not to think about it even if we were finally getting some good signs.

I got out of bed and walked over to the suitcase. I unzipped it and opened the top, peering inside. It was full of...

Clothes. Normal clothes.

"What the heck?" I asked, grabbing a shirt out and holding it up in the air. "Clothes? What for?"

"Well," my mother said. "The doctors have said that your condition has been improving, and they have allowed us to take you out of here for a weekend. But you will be coming back."

"Okay?" I said while wearing a bewildered expression. "Where are we going?"

"Now that must remain a surprise," she said while smiling. "Be patient, we are leaving this afternoon."

I shrugged, shutting the suitcase. "Alright. I'll just have to find something to do until then."

The next few hours of the day were spent by me trying to figure out where I would be going. We didn't usually go on vacations, so this was unusual. I also found out that Amber would be accompanying me, which was awesome. While I read books and played stupid games on my phone, my mind was spinning with the possibilities of travel.

Finally, I was allowed to get changed and get ready to go. Apparently, all of the stuff that I would need had already been packed by my mother. She would be driving Amber and I up there, wherever that was.

I heard a loud voice enter the room, and I immediately knew who it was. "Time to SLAY this weekend!"

I snorted, tying up my shoelaces. "Do you come with an emergency kit? You know, in case you accidentally get eaten by a strange animal. I think it's likely."

"I wish I did," she admitted. "I just look too good all the time."

"At least you have confidence," I pointed out, standing up. I grabbed my suitcase while shoving my phone into my pocket. We exited the room together, making our way down to the car that my mother was sitting in.

We loaded up our stuff, Amber bringing a considerable amount of items that I was very close to questioning. Before I even said a word, she held her hand up. "Trust me, all of this will be helpful."

I shrugged, hopping into the car. We backed out of the parking space and left the hospital, falling into a conversation as we drove out of the city.

"Want a skittle?" Amber asked, sliding me the one of three packets that she brought with her. I grabbed a handful.

"Why so many packets?"

"I brought so many more variations of sugar, you have no idea," she reassured me, evilly chuckling as she popped at least twelve skittles into her mouth. Dedication at its finest.

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