Chapter Fifteen

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The next day, I was dragged into having lunch with the four guys again. Against my own will, might I add.

"You know, this is gonna be insanely awkward since I don't even know the other two so I might just go-"

"Nope. You are going to sort out your differences, whether you like it or not," Jordan replied, dragging me into the cafeteria. Ethan and Xavier were sitting at a table, oblivious to the amounts of girls that were currently sending them flirtatious stares.

I pouted as they dragged me to the table, Ethan and Xavier looking up. Ethan and his world famous scowl made an appearance, Xavier and his world famous bored, or neutral, expression also making an appearance. Glad to know that I'm welcome. 

I awkwardly waved. "Hello boys."

Xavier nodded in greeting, Ethan however just crossed his arms and scowled, probably wishing that it was socially acceptable to throw a tantrum. I'm surprised that none of them made a move to object to me sitting here, but I knew that it was coming.

I sat down in between Jordan and Blake, hoping that I could just have this one lunchtime without getting interrupted by any drama. 

"Can't we just throw her in the pool again?" Ethan muttered, however it was louder than he intended it to be and it broke the silence on our table, everyone looking towards him now. "What?" 

"Dude, we shouldn't have done it in the first place," Blake said hotly, clearing not impressed by Ethan's comment. 

"And why the hell not? She deserved it for what she said to us," Ethan replied, now glaring and not only me, but Blake too. 

"She almost drowned," Jordan interjected, keeping his calm. 

"You can't swim?" said a voice, and it took me a moment to realise who was talking to me. Xavier. Xavier had actually spoken to me, I recovered quickly and shook my head. His voice was calm as well, yet also strong and firm at the same time. 

"I can swim, just not very well," I sort of lied. It was true, I can't swim very well at all right now, I just didn't tell them why and that it had been a long time since I had gone swimming other than when they did throw me in the pool. 

He nodded and looked down, so I couldn't see the expression on his face. Ethan, however, didn't care as he and Blake were now in a heated argument. 

"Look, I've caused enough trouble between you guys today. I'm just going to go," I said, standing up. 

"No, don't leave because of them," Jordan said, turning towards the two that were still arguing. "Hey, idiots, take it somewhere else. You're putting on a show for the whole cafeteria." He was right, the lunch room was now quieting down to watch the scene unfold before them. 

I sat down reluctantly, while Jordan grabbed the other two and shoved them, not too hard, out of the cafeteria. Then I was left with Xavier at the table, everyone around us starting to go back to their conversations. 

"Did it hurt?" Xavier asked, bringing my attention back to him. 

"Did what hurt?" Don't say a cheesy pickup line, don't say a cheesy pickup line. 

"When we-" the sentence sounded bitter in his mouth. "When we threw you in the pool and against the lockers," he didn't wear a neutral look on his face then, but I couldn't tell what he was thinking or feeling. Ashamed, maybe?

It took a moment before I answered. "It did, bad chest pains," I replied slowly. 

"Are you alright now? Was it serious?" To say I was shocked was an understatement, my eyes widened. Why was he asking me this? 

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