Part 56

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Roxy POV*****'

"what the hell is wrong with him?" Cam whispered at me.

"I don't even know" i whispered back "just go down stairs or something I'm gonna try again" he nodded his head and went down stairs. I knocked on the door again until he answered.

"fuck, how many times do i have to say just go hang out with your boyfriend" Nash told me as he opened the door.

"I'm trying to but you're fucking ignoring me Nash" i said back "And i wanna know why" He stayed silent. "are you talking about the fucking pictures online with me and Carter?" i asked him and he rolled his eyes.

"no shit" he gave me attitude

"wow, you're actually believing this shit?" i asked him and i was kind of mad, scratch that I am mad

"it looked believable" he told me

"we just went through this on the whole Corbin thing Nash" i was pissed off at Nash now, just as much as he was mad at me for a stupid rumor. "i'm YOUR fucking girlfriend and Carter is like one of YOUR bestfriends!" i tried not to yell

"yeah, that's what i thought until I saw the pictures" Nash took his phone out and showed me a picture. It was a picture from when Carter grabbed my hand when i almost fell.

"He just grabbed my hand because I almost fell" i told him with no problem

"how do I know that? what if you guys were really holding hands" he showed me more pictures of me and Carter eating ice cream, walking and sitting together and the time when he grabbed my finger when a bee stung me.

"Nash, Carter and I are just friends nothing more" i told him. Those picture actually made it look like Carter and I were a couple.

"how do i know that?" he still didn't believe

"Okay right now it feels like you're saying you don't trust me"

"that's exactly what I'm saying" he told me crossing his arms "you didn't even tell me you'd be hanging out with Carter"

"so now i have to tell you who i'm hanging out with 24/7?" i asked him "Nash there's something called having male friends" i shook my head " i can hang out with who ever I want it's my life"

"then you can go hang out with your boyfriend Carter" that's all he could say back.

"you're fucking unbelievable Nash, why would I fucking cheat on you over your bestfriends, first of all why would I even cheat in a relationship at all?" i asked him "I told you a whole bunch of times before that I hate cheaters why would I fucking become one?"

"I DON'T KNOW ASK YOURSELF THAT?!" he yelled at me, it was a pretty stupid arguement. "and maybe because you are a slut" that broke me. He backed away inside his room and I put my arm in the door way trying to go inside

"Nash! listen t-" he slammed the door and my wrist was right there. Tears started coming down from pain. I grabbed my wrist because that's where the door was slammed into. All the pain was blasting to my wrist and Nash's eyes widened.

"I'm so sor-" Nash tried saying but i ran away and went into my car. I drove back home with one hand because my left hand hurted like hell. It was hard driving with one hand and tears constantly coming from both eyes. I kept crying because it hurted so much. I drove into my drive way and I turned off my car and looked at my wrist. It was red and it was turning light purple. I touched it and It hurt so much. The tears wouldn't stop.

I walked inside my house and everyone looked at me because my crying was kind of loud. Diane ran to me.

"WHAT HAPPENED" she yelled in shock because she saw my wrist was swelling up and I was crying so much.

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