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Hi. I'm Raven ShadowBlade. The daughter of Alexander ShadowBlade one of the most feared vampire lords in history. Now a lot of you might be thinking, What's up with her last name? trust me, I didn't choose it. and I have no idea on how it came to be but hey, it's kind of cool. And yes I said vampire. And please don't ask me to explain what a vampire is. because in truth, there are so many types out there now. Thanks to a little chaotic thing called love. The only thing all vampires have in common is vampire blood(some don't even drink blood). well, unless you're a pureblood vampire. Those guys are descended from the famous Dracula himself, to the rest of the world, they're kind of crazy. they breed with their own family, just to "maintain their bloodline" purebloods are literally stone cold. most of them are just bloodless snobs complaining that one of their own isn't on the throne.In the human world, they're serial killers you see on the news. but the kind of vampire I am is complicated. The ShadowBlade line is often called the "Whore family" just because our family falls in love with werewolves, witches, sorcerers, humans, you name it. so we've got some diverse genes in us. I even have a little bit of mermaid and dragon in me. as I said love is chaotic. but hey, what it did with my life, was amazing. I'm Raven ShadowBlade , and this is my story.

be ready, it's a hell of a journey,

signed, Raven

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