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𝕊𝕀𝕐𝔸 ℙ𝔸𝕋𝔼𝕃 A successful and independent woman. A Singer, Actor, Producer and An Entrepreneur. Sweet and calm. Cultural and traditional girl very much connecte...
The Crowned Prince by aarushi6
The Crowned Princeby Aarushi Singh
🔅This story is not a historical fiction.🔅 🔅🔆🔅 He was standing in his balcony, feeling the cold night and sipping over his black coffee. Suddenly , he saw a silhoue...
Hopeless Battle by Devilish_grinner
Hopeless Battleby ☆Nae☆
(Book #1 of Battle series) His eyes blazing with a rare fire. His grasp on her hand was tight enough to leave a bruise, his sword inches away from her neck. "Where...
Entangled dynasties by thatdesinari
Entangled dynastiesby thatdesinari
Book 1 of Royal Series Story of the King of Jaipur and the princess of Rajgarh Digvijay Singh,the king of Jaipur A 29 years old business tycoon and royalty Ruthless...
Met You Through Pure Serendipity ❤️ by DevaNandhini
Met You Through Pure Serendipity ❤️by Freesoul
Entirely different experience 💫 Here, the background of Bondita is unknown. The way they met is different. But the love between them is same❤️ Do this unique lov...
immortal love (love never dies)  by AnkitaGhosh205
immortal love (love never dies) by Ankita Ghosh
🥇Won 1st place in historical fiction and 2nd place in short story genre in rainbow awards🥇 It's a paranormal short story that is purely my imagination.. It has histori...
He's mine PT. 2 / Carlos De Vil x reader! (COMPLETED!)  by lokisgirl1998
He's mine PT. 2 / Carlos De Vil lokisgirl1998
6 months after the villain kids arrived to Auradon and your life is perfect! You're dating the boy of your dreams, Carlos De Vil, and you have your best friends Mal, Evi...
He's Mine PT. 3  (carlos de vil X reader!)  by lokisgirl1998
He's Mine PT. 3 (carlos de vil lokisgirl1998
You are back in Auradon safe and sound with your perfect boyfriend, perfect friends and perfect family. What happens when a new villain rises to the top? What happens wh...
Royal Love | NaruHina Fanfiction by Kindaichi_Miyuki
Royal Love | NaruHina Fanfictionby Miyuki
'𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐰𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐧𝐨𝐰?' the raven haired boy asked annoyingly as the blond pulled him through the woods to the place which was known only to the Uzum...
the unroyal love (boyxboyxboy) by W_ar_102
the unroyal love (boyxboyxboy)by Work art
The Yasmah Royal boardring school have accepted his majesty Blue Young the 5th . In the school him and both of his childhood friends meet but as soon as the two friends...
Retelling in a twisted way by CrazyIdeasOfIshita
Retelling in a twisted wayby Craziness overload
You all must have heard the story of Hansel and Gretel. How about adding some romance to it? What would have happened if Hansel and Gretel did time travel before returni...
Star-Crossed Fates (A Fire Emblem Awakening AU) by TheArtistSylveon
Star-Crossed Fates (A Fire The Artist Sylveon
Lucina is the feisty princess of Ylisse that would rather sword fight than run her kingdom. Robin is the lonely prince of Pleiga that yearns for more. With a fateful mee...
My Prince Charming // helloitsmehh by helloitsmehh
My Prince Charming // helloitsmehhby ≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫
Who'd ever think they'd meet a prince... let alone be secretly dating one. Adeline sure didn't.
Royal Love  by tis_me_cutiepie
Royal Love by Angel Señorita
After completing studies in New York, it was time for him to choose his life partner. Read further to know what happens next.
The Lost Queen by Reverie_98
The Lost Queenby Reverie Blue
Lady Arabella of Hardwick was heir to so many beautiful things. She was a smart, educated woman with kind morals, and riches that made her dreams and inventions come tru...
Rise of the saviour by siikaa
Rise of the saviourby Anika Nanda
After the death of king and queen ... Videha has taken up the responsibilities over her . Can she fulfill her father's aim of protecting their country from the existing...
Falling for a Royal by CharlieLang18
Falling for a Royalby CharlieLang18
A young girl in her final year of college gets an opportunity to work at the Palace as the Prince's tutor. What she didn't know when she got the job was that the boy sh...
Love & Chaos (Taehyung X Reader) by Authoroberon
Love & Chaos (Taehyung X Reader)by Authoroberon
[Taehyung x Reader] Historical au Empress (Y/F/N) and Emperor Min Yoongi decided to end their long term hostility toward each other and make a peace contract between the...
Escaping from your Royal Love by maemining01
Escaping from your Royal Loveby maemining01
This story is about how a Royal Duchess escape from its family, due to some reasons from the past. Also the way how she find her true love from escaping.