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By the time I woke up, I got a bunch of letters about trade meetings, and offers for the truth serum, from the vaults. I guess I was supposed to be unfazed and fine. I sure hoped I was. My mother, not so much. she was a little on the emotional side. all right, a lot on the emotional side. she went through 50 boxes of tissues a day. 

as soon as negotiations were over, I'd run to her side and maybe on the way stop some lingering lords that hoped to be, lets just put it as, more than business partners. Dad left enough death threats to last 5 million of them. as I made my way to the table, I found a little slip of folded paper in between floorboards. 

it read:

Raven, if you are reading this, burn this after you've seen the contents, but for this content to change, it'll already be too late. they've taken me, the king and his current wife. yes, he goes through those as fast as the speed of light. she's evil, be warned, I didn't know until after you went to the palace to compete for Prince Nathaniel. Then which, they cut off my communications with you. don't be fooled by her caring, gentle appearance. for she is worse than all the rest of the evil in this world combined. she craves the power of the shadowblade, I assume it's made it to you by now, for I am dead. protect it with your life. and please, know that whatever you do, I will always be proud of you. Im finally at peace, you ask your mother about the curse, but it broke, and now it's time for you to live your life. 

-Your proud Father

I bit my lip and tried not to cry. I failed. he was gone, but at least I knew he was at peace. after all those years of silent torment. I smiled as I did a quick fire spell. I watched the fire flicker onto my finger, and I put the note onto it, changing it from white, to ash and black.

i suddenly remembered the meeting i was supposed to go to with "potential suitors". mother came in around the corner of the white, marble wall in a golden silk dress.

"are you ready to be a Shadowblade?"

i broke into a grin. "Hell yeah."


sorry, guys if this book was too short. and yes, the next chapter will be the epilogue. and from some messages, I got, yes and no, it may or may not have something to do with a certain somebody... no promises, you'll just have to read it to find out.

and thank you all for reading even the ones who just skip to the end (you know who you are, and of course I do it too)

 and i invite you to join me for Broken and shattered 's last words.

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