Move on

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"Uh..." I was surprised to see him, and slightly embarrassing to see him right then. For some reason, and I didn't want to know why, he was shirtless and by god, he was smoking hot. "Yeah, sure." I broke out of my little trance.
He raised his eyebrow, "first time?" I nodded, trying to draw my thought away from his godlike essence. He handed me a vial with some suspicious looking liquid.
"Here."he said. I smirked at him, how would I know that it wasn't poison. As much as I wanted to believe he wouldn't poison me, there's always a chance. He rolled his eyes. "Its to help with the thirst, and would I poison you?" As if he was reading my mind. I took the vial and took a sip. It was a bitter liquid, but it did help a little. He ushered me to drink it all, nearly needing to pour it down my throat. The thirst was all gone in a flash, I couldn't remember that much of the feeling either. "T...thanks." I stumbled on my words, there wasn't much to say between us, but it was nice for him to just be there.
"Look," he began a little slowly, "I know you don't have feelings for me but could we at least be friends?" I smiled, he offered kindness even when I'd broken both our hearts. One of the things I liked about him, his kindness.
"Of course." He sighed, relieved.
"Good because I could sure need your help with life in general." I chuckled.
"So how's life?"
He hesitated. "Awful, I have Serena stalking me day and night trying to have sex with me, I have mad girls chasing me for god knows what. and I have my mother crowing over me to choose someone."
"So not the ideal living environment huh?"
He shook his head, "god, no." The conversation lost its awkwardness after a while. I felt comfortable giving him advice here and there, but as soon. As he chose another, how would I fare? But no time for that, need to live life to its fullest, right? His issues were typical, the normal prince problems. Like fangirls, parents and a whole bunch of shitty stuff that came with royalty.i had to leave soon since I was meeting with my bitten to get to know the girl. Jordan and Maya were hoping to have all our bitten and us to form some sort of friendship. Not that I opposed it, but still, I wasn't used to that many close friends.
They'd both done this like twice before, so they had two bitten along with them. I was forced to take notes on everyone there. There was Jackson, an athletic jock, he's funny and really nice, but can't beat Nathaniel. Flora, a sweet girl, really girly, but a great person. Hannah, could smart her way out of anything. Freya, my bitten, basically me, but less me. And more lone wolf. But still awesome. Gordon, Hannah's brother, art is his thing period. But he was still one toughie. Oscar, really into languages, is fluent in like, 30.They were one awesome group of vampires. As soon as I told them, Jordan and Maya high five-ed each other.
"So what are we gonna do? Sit around in your bedroom Maya?" Jackson asked, Maya blushed hard and shook her head. Did I see what i think I saw? I'd have to ask Maya about it later. We played truth or dare. It was some popular human game. It was when you chose truth or a dare, simple as drinking blood.
"Raven, truth or dare?" Jackson asked, challenging me, I accepted.
"Fuckin' dare!" 
He smirked. " I dare you to kiss Hannah on da lips." Hannah and I both scowled at him, while I gave her a little peck on the lips.
Right after, I turned around, "Jackson, dare or dare?"
"It's truth or dare, and dare. Gimme all you got." Jackson started doing this weird dance.
"I dare you.." I began, what would be a good one.. I got it! " I dare you to go into prince Nathaniel's room, and dance in a bikini, kissing the air."
He glared at me. You deserve it. "And where the fuck would I find a fucking bikini?" He asked.
"Should I add in trying to make out with the prince as well?" I threatened.
"You know what, I'll go fetch one."
He returned later with a bikini clinging onto his body.
"Happy now Raven?"
"When you complete the dare I will be."
He walked to the prince's room, with us following to witness. He knocked on the door. Nathaniel came out laughing, in his usual shirt and jeans.
"What is it?" He stifled between giggles.
Jackson shot me one last glare and walked in. Dancing and kissing the air as the dare instructed. We all burst into laughter as Nathaniel showed him out.
Jackson explained everything to Nathaniel, the game, the dare and the bikini.
" Raven dared me to do it."
Nathaniel rolled his eyes, "0f course she did." We came out behind the wall, causing Nathaniel nearly jump.
" who else would've thought of dat dare?" I said as I came out. Nathaniel chuckled, causing me to nearly blush. Nathaniel had to attend some business so we went, after playing a few rounds of truth or dare.
Poor Nathaniel had to make out with a wall, and act like a mating whale. I had to eat human thing called a burger while singing and pour 3 cups of blood on myself. By the time we were done, all of us were messes.
"Someone likes the prince..." Jackson taunted as we went out.
I shook my head, " as if."

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