pledging away

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we didn't speak at all on the way back. Maya had gone back early for some business with Jackson, apparently, they had to put him on some trial at her home. I offered to go with her, but she said she could handle it on her own.  jordan for once understood the silence between us and ran on. when we arrived at the palace, I saw Serena scolding Maya as the whole family left with Jackson.

"I have to leave this competition for this!" Serena yelled at her sister, "couldn't you fall for someone else?" Maya screamed a string of four-letter words, I couldn't guess what order they came. I widened my eyes at the sight of Maya swearing. it wasn't that often she did. if she was angered, she'd usually say substitutions like frick, or darn, but never this. Serena glared as she walked past me, the smell of her lame perfume lingering after her as they ran away. I turned back to the gates and looked up. others looking at me in shock as I dragged Nathaniel inside. the King and Queen came out and embraced their son. I spit it out as simple as could be.

"I quit."

they turned from their tearful reunion, even Nathaniel was surprised. 

"what?" the king's sly smile melted away.then it returned, "then we'll have no choice but to-"

"what?" I cut him off, sending the shock to nearby courtiers, no one ever spoke to the king that way. "you'll torture my father? oh wait, you've already done that, and good luck trying to take my lands, after all, I'm Alexander ShadowBlade's daughter." right after I ran to my room to pack. 

nathaniel burst into the door. "don't go raven."

"why not?" I said, not even turning to face him. "you cant keep me here." 

"I can, by choosing you."

"id rather die." I ran out to the gates. the royals and their courtiers tagging along behind. 


"and I reject your offer," I said cooly, I didn't want to see his face again. he could go to hell for all I cared.


Sorry for this chapter being so short! The next one will be longer promise! Until then... bye!

 Yours truly, xxXDragonGoddessXxx 

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