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It wasn't the same. I'll admit. Maya wasn't the same, none of us were. Sitting on the bed, I started to ask, "don't you want to go back to the palace?" 

"No, I may have grown up there but," he paused and looked me in the eye," it's like growing up in a prison, you'll always want to escape, even if you did grow there."

I nodded and looked down at the floor, "I feel bad for making you do this, I can take care of myself, the human worlds not that hard."

"I love you, Raven, I'll follow you wherever." 

I leaned in and kissed him, "well you've finally tamed me I guess." 

 His lips sent sparks down my neck,  "it took long enough."

And all of a sudden there was a loud crash. We jumped up and hurried to the scene.  A slim woman dressed in an all black suit was standing there. On Nathaniel's face was a look of pure horror. He was more scared of this than he was when he nearly died. With one flick of her finger, the woman sent him unconscious with Maya and Jordan. I looked up at the dark figure.

"What do you want?" I asked plainly and concise. 

The woman chuckled and in one swift motion, the took out a large and painstakingly carved blade with designs I'd never seen before. She struck my hip with it. 

"So how was it dear?" When she saw the confused look on my face, she laughed. "I know you fornicate with the prince," I recalled a choking spell I'd learned my before and I lifted my hand and slowly made a fist. Midway, I heard her choke I grinned.

"Why are you here?" 

"I'll never tell you."

 The truth spell worked better than hoped.

"I was hired by the king. So was your prince. To kill you, shadow blade." She spat my family name out like it was some dishonorable symbol. " In return, I had the pleasure of torturing your father, he didn't scream, only flinched when he died. He was a strong man, I see no resemblance here. The plan was to kill you right after you fornicated with Nathaniel. The prince was trained in seductive arts Ravenna." No one had really called me by my formal name, I gulped and tried to take it all in.

"And your father's body was buried. His heart, however, is on a pike in my dining room." At this,  I squeezed my fist shut as tightly as I could. With a crack!  Of her throat, she fell onto the grass floor dead. I thought of my father and what she could've done to him. And the worst part was, I had sex with a factor in this. I woke all of them up from their peaceful sleep.

I stopped at Nathaniel's sleeping body, I felt a feeling I'd never felt towards him before, vengeance. I slapped him awake and dragged him to an empty room and threw him in.

"you alright?" he tried to embrace me with a hug. I shoved him away. Nathaniel furrowed his brow.

"what were you really here for?" 

a confused look crossed his face. "what?"

"when you came with me." I continued furiously. "and I know the truth, so if you think about lying, I will kill you."

he sighed and placed a hand on my shoulder, the touch now sending anger and rage instead of love and devotion. "Raven, I didn't mean any harm..."

before he could say another word, I cut him off yelling, "MY FATHER WAS TORTURED TO DEATH BECAUSE OF YOUR FUCKING SON OF A BITCH ACTIONS!"  he looked down.

"it's not like that-"

"we're going back to the palace."

"what? no raven,"

"yes, we will."

"but you'll die-"

"DO YOU THINK I CARE RIGHT NOW HOW I DIE?" I turned around one last time, "you were going to kill me anyways, consider this a gift."

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