If I could do it all again

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I could only watch as Tessa and Nathaniel walk through basketball practice, the proud couple. It had been a few weeks since they met and a few days since they came together. But I came to terms with it, I had to let him go one way or another. Coach was giving instructions for the next game. The teams, the subs and all that. We were used to it, so instead of listening, groans filled the gym.  My eye wandered to Tessa and Nathaniel sitting there a little too close for comfort. Tessa leaned over and whispered something in his ear. She gave him a sly smile and like that, she dragged him away. I rolled my eyes, such dramatics. 

I was on my way to the room I shared with Jordan,maya,Jackson,oscar and Nathaniel, (much to Tessa's dismay). Whalen I heard moaning and what sounded like a kisses. I walked over to the storage cabinet that the sound came from and burst open the door.

I should have known. 

There sat half naked Nathaniel and Tessa one on top of the other. I couldn't help but blush and avert my eyes.

"Got a good explanation why I shouldn't report you two?"

I waited until every piece of scattered clothes was picked up and put on the right places to look back at them.

"Such a sweet couple aren't you?" I drew my stormy glare to Tessa. She took one look and gasped.

"I just remembered." She plastered on that sickly sweet smile. "I have a sorority party to throw. Hope you'll be here!" She blew one last kiss at Nathaniel and with that, she rushed out, clutching her jacket.

I unleashed all my anger. I grabbed nathaniels wrist, and flung him out onto the empty gym floor.

"Hey!" He said, scrambling to his feet. "Chill, what's the big deal?" 

"What's the big deal?" I fumed, time to give his highness a piece of my mind! "As if you would know how it feels to love someone and not be able to have them! To be their rival! To have their father try to kill them. Knowing that if you ever were seen with them you would kill your own." He looked back at me, confused and surprised.

I paused to catch my breath ."to have to watch for them love another for the rest of eternity." I said in a low voice, but he heard me nonetheless. Good. 

I ran out of the gym, letting him tag behind. 

"Raven!" He called behind me as I ran to my dorm in a gust of wind. He followed, moments after.

"I didn't know." He said, pained. I guess I felt a little sorry for him, it wasn't his fault, I should've just come clean. 

Before I could turn around and apologize, a blast of fire came from above. We both looked up in horror. And there hovering, practically bathing in light was a sorceress chuckling to herself as she blasted the wall behind me. We ducked under a table, only to have the table blasted to splinters as well. We came out, stakes in hand. 

The sorceress laughed. "As if that poor excuse of a needle could even hurt me! This mission is all too easy." Mission? She was hired? Nathaniel was the one to lunge first.


He fell back to the ground, coughing up blood. I watched,tears prickling in my eyes. I felt my magic veins race with blood, as I rose and started a magic frenzy of my own.

"Come at me!" I heard her yell. Oh I will. 

I released all my emotions, negative and positive as I channeled all my strength into that one spell. She tried to fight back with a spell of her own. But eventually fell onto the ground. Dead.  I conjured her lifeless body onto ash and forced a wind to blow it away.

I ran to Nathaniel's side.

"Your going to make it." I said, heart pounding.

He shook his head. "Do you really love me?" 

" of course I do." I said with no hesitation. 

He let a low chuckle escape from his bloody lips.

"If I could do it all again I would've told you." I said between sobs. "I would've told you everything. You would've been alive." It was all my fault.

He cupped my face with one hand. "It's not your fault, I have regrets too." 

I held his hand in mine. "I don't  deserve you."

"If I could do it all again raven," his breath slowing with every second. "I would've chosen you as soon as you came to the palace." My mind returned to that memory for a split second and chuckled. 

He grinned, reavealing his fangs and grew limp. He eyes fluttered shut. With a yelp, I cradled his head in my arms.

"No!" I said to a lifeless body. Refusing to give up. "Don't leave!" I begged.

If I could do it all again.

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