Ancient rivalry

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Things got less painful after a few days, all the agony, and the worry simmered down. I was back to my old self. I had never felt better in my life. I had fresh start, turns out, that was all I needed.
Human traditions like sleep had found its way to court. My family had been sleeping before the trend came because I think it was my great grand mother that introduced it. Or my great great grandmother. What could I say? Both were humans. For some reason, sleep felt soothing,and we vampires got faster, and better after a good sleep. No one could explain it, but it happened. We ran nearly a third more faster, our reflexes quickened, and now everyone wants to do it. But the thing is, no one knew how. Everyone tried, as I watched, turns out my weird bloodline is good for something. I remembered the room with information on my mother, I had to go and see what was down there, and why Nathaniel was so wired about it. He knew that I hated kissing him, (at the time) so he used that. And that, was not a subtle move. I sprinted down after about one hour after midnight. I made sure to be silent as possible. I tread lightly as I stopped at the doorway. What was I getting myself into? As I was just about to walk in, a voice behind me halted it all.
"You want to know more don't you?"
I spun around, the voice wasn't Nathaniel's that was for sure. And I was right, the king stood there, acting somewhat relaxed. I nodded slowly.
"Well she is my mother." His expression grew solemn.
"She is isn't she?" I nodded, didn't he know? He nodded back. I assumed it was permission to go in so I continued. Before I could take another step, the king grabbed my arm. I struggled to break free. I guess that was where Nathaniel got his iron grip. He unsheathed a stake he hid in his sleeve and pointed it at me. I went into panic mode.
"Lets see how Alexander fares when his only heir is gone." Was this rivalry still going on? It was kind of stupid, to think, my mother started one of the most intense rivalries ever.
"This isn't going to bring you any good your majesty." I gasped, "my mother would have wanted you to move on."
The king scoffed. "Alexander didn't tell you?" I furrowed my brow. He gonna have to be more specific, there's a lot dad doesn't tell.
"What didn't he tell me?"
The king looked pleased, as if he wanted me to hear the story. " you know why your family is the whore family?" He asked. I shook my head.
"Because you have a knack for stealing the lovers of the Fangpyres.Our rivalry, is ancient."  I nearly gasped.
"And your mother ran away because," the king began, with tears in his eyes "your father had put a curse on her." I shook my head in disbelief as his grip tightened.
"Well you better believe it. Your father is a monster." I shook my head frantically..
"No he's not!" I finally broke free. I ran as fast as I could to my chambers.his words echoed in my mind. "Your father is a monster."I needed all my stakes, I couldn't stay here,the door burst open, I guess this is where my life ends. I gulped, maybe I was better off dead.

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