30 minutes of heaven

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The next morning the queen had us all have a "get to know one another" breakfast. Really though to most, it was just to check out the competition. Most of the competitors were just competitive fangirls. You could tell by their posture when the queen mentioned the prince. We all were supposed to get an assigned 30 minutes with Nathaniel. The rest of the day, they could care less. There were way too many events for this the only one remembered was the welcoming masquerade ball tonight. All the rest of the girls listened attentively, getting what detail or advice they could. I just observed on which girls to stay away from. They were all relatively harmless except for two. They were the twin daughters of lord Drasgon. My father came close to war with their father, and they definitely took after their father. Big egos, hatred for my whole line. Everyone knew how much the Drasgons wanted to be a part of the royal bloodline. They even had lessons on how to seduce men, damn they wanted it bad. I bumped into one one the way back to line up for the forced "30 minutes of heaven" as the queen called it. Serena Drasgon was the bitterest one of the two, we'd met once before at a school when we were 15 or so. I didn't know who the prince was then, so she laughed in my face and poured her blood right on top of me. Messing with me in all the ways possible.I slashed her on her arm with a stake, leaving her with a scar on her left arm that got me expelled. And before when we were 10 and I accidentally called her Serena Drag-queen and she tore up my sleeve. And so on so forth, the last I saw of her was at a class reunion she was way too popular with the others back then so I couldn't exactly get close to her, unfortunately.
"Look who it is!" She called when I attempted to just go and mind my business. "The girl who arrived in rags." I turned around slowly to face the bitch. "Hello Serena Drag-Queen." She glared at me upon hearing the old nickname.
"If you think the prince is going to choose you Raven," I cut her off before she could finish.
"As if I need a lecture from a slut." That did it, she pulled my hair backward as I turned around and punched her in the gut. I tripped her over but she got up before I could deliver a punch into her Drag queen face. The queen came up to us and broke us up before I could land some serious injuries on the slut bag. She ordered us to the "30 minutes of heaven." Before she could give any good lecture the both of us ran off. Serena slut bag ran because of the prince. I ran because the queen gives the worst of lectures, literally. I tied my raven colored hair up into my usual ponytail. I couldn't do that before because slut bag came along. There were still a few girls in line dressed in lace dresses with permed hair. Way over the top, it's only 30 minutes. A few girls looked in disgust at my leather jacket and jeans, I gave them the same look causing them to turn around, offended. Growling and moaning came from behind the door. With Every girl that went in the prince had another make out session. Or, no they didn't do "it" did they? Serena just happened to be right in front of me, but before we could get in another fight, she was called in.the first sound that came from the room was a zipper being unzipped. I could hear her moans weather I liked it or not. Her conversation was along the lines of porn. And finally it was over. Those were the worst sounds I heard in my life. 30 minutes of heaven? More like 30 minutes of hell. I was going to object but I was literally pushed into the room by a group of vampires. The prince was already inside wiping lipstick off of his neck.
"Right now? Can't they give me a break?"
I was relieved as soon as I heard the words. "Trust me." I stopped him before he could even walk over. "I have no intention of making out with you." A chuckle escaped from his lips.
"Didn't you know?" Did I know what? What was I missing? " you have to. It's a part of the 30 minutes of heaven." He laughed as I looked back at him in horror. He pointed to a camera  at the corner of the room. "Don't worry. I won't get you pregnant." I gulped as He walked over to me slowly. He whispered in my ear as he began kissing my neck. "You have it easier than I do."  His lips ran down from my neck to my chest. I glared at him every second. "No undressing." I warned him gritting my teeth. Nathaniel chuckled again. "Alright, no undressing." He guided me against a wall and began pressing his lips to mine. I hope those vampires behind the cameras were happy with that. "Heaven"just turned into hell. He left trails of kisses up and down my neck. All that time I was just trying not to punch his highness.With one final kiss on the lips, the 30 minutes of so called heaven was over. He laughed and shook his head as I turned my head to the camera, looking it right in the lens. " I hope you're happy." I spat and I walked out of the room. There was a few more girls left, eagerly waiting for the 30 minutes of heaven as I stalked past them all. I felt Nathaniel's gaze linger as I walked back to my chambers. The next few weeks were the same. I was starting to regret coming to this wretched place.

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