Chapter 38 - The Asshole and the Nerd

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{please i beg of you don't read the ending if you are super innocent and don't go commenting stuff like "ew gross" etc. this is wattpad in 2017 for christs sake! there is no room for innocence anymore!... enjoy :) }


"I hear it's your birthday," Brandon says, the tattoos on his arm on complete exposure today with his sleeveless shirt.

"That is correct. It is indeed the day i was born – eighteen years ago today. Oh shizzle! I'm eighteen?" The news just sinks in. Damn, I'm old.

"Are you asking me or yourself?" He tilts his head, his shiny silver ear piercings coming into view. I wonder if all those piercings and tattoos hurt. Of course they hurt. Maybe not to Brandon though. He's like some kind of mutant that can't feel pain. I wonder if I punch him...

"What was that for?" He rubs his arm where I hit him.

I burst out laughing. Oh lord why am I like this?

"I liked you a lot better when you were moody and sad over Zeke."

"I was never moody nor sad over Zeke!"

"Just 'cause you say it with weird smart people words, don't make it true."

Is he talking about the word 'nor'?

Brandon's eyes avert to someone behind me. "Uh-oh. You better step back from me."

"Wh-" My question is answered when Zeke slings a possessive arm over my shoulder.

"Hey, nerd," he says then looks at Brandon, his expression hardening. "Brandon."

"Blakely," Brandon says in the same tone Zeke used, his arms crossed and a devilish spark to his eye. They stare at each other for a moment then Brandon moves up in the lunch line, grabbing his food and walking away.

"Why are you guys like that? He's my friend." I take my usual sandwich and glance over the desserts.

"I don't trust any of them." Zeke steps away from the line to let others get their lunch. I give him a look that says you're eating something and take a burrito for him.

"Is the birthday girl only going to have a sandwich for her special lunch?" He takes his burrito in one hand and holds my hand in the other.

"Making me have anything more would be torture. I'd rather not get food poisoning on my birthday." We sit at our table where Cole, Isaac, Maggie and Zoey already are sat at.

"And yet you force me to eat this crap," he rolls his eyes.

"No rolling your eyes at the birthday girl!" Zoey says, giving Zeke a warning glare.

"So what are we doing tonight?" Isaac asks.

"I thought we could go to an art gallery because Marnie likes-"

"Bohoooring," Cole interrupts Zoey. "Let's do something fun. You don't wanna spend your birthday looking at naked babies or naked women with curly red hair, do you Marn? I mean there's no in between with that shit." He looks up at the ceiling. "All we ask is for a detailed painting of a hot blonde babe in thongs."

I notice Zeke hasn't touched his burrito so i pick it up and hit him in the cheek with it while Zoey and Cole argue. He gives me a look then finally opens it, picking out the meat and vegetables inside it but not actually eating anything. I give up. Jeez, how will I have the patience for my children if they are fussy eaters? You will eat this cereal or you will starve, child!

"It's Marnie's birthday! She can decide what we do," Zoey argues back to Cole.

"I thought it was annoying when they were together because of all the sweet talk and making out; but this is worse," Zeke states and wraps up his disheveled burrito then throws it in the nearest trash can.

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