Chapter 17 - "I love-"

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"So," Mason clears his throat as he pulls the keys out of the ignition after parking the car in the driveway of my house.

"What so you wanna do now?" He looks at me with something in his eyes I can't place.

We had just seen the new Passengers movie together. It was amazing – well according to me. Mason thought it was loud and stupid. Too unrealistic for his tastes.

I love movies like that though. Movies where the impossible happens. Aren't they the only way we can escape reality and watch what another world could be like?

"Do you wanna come in?" I ask.

He bites the side of his mouth, "And do what?"

I shrug, "Watch Netflix?"

"Okay," he nods, "But first," he smirks and leans in closer to me, placing his lips on mine.

I kiss him back and put my hands on each side of his face. He pulls my body onto his lap, eager for more.

His hands run through my hair, messing it up. Just as one of his hands slip under my shirt, someone knocks on the window.

We instantly pull apart and I look out the window, and see my brothers smirking face.

"Joey!" I open the door and climb off of Mason, then wrap my arms around him. Ignoring the embarrassment I feel from what he just saw.

"Hey, little sis," he says into my hair.

"What are you doing here?" I pull away and look at him, a huge smile on my face.

"I've missed you and mother dearest."

I throw my arms around him again, "I missed you too."

Me and Joey have always been close siblings, give and take a couple of arguments. He's like my best friend. And he's always been popular at school, so he looked out for me. He was also the one who helped me through what happened with Nora, my ex-best friend and my ex-boyfriend.

"Oh," I let him go and turn around to Mason who's out of the car now, standing with his hands in his pockets, "This is Mason."

"Yeah, I remember you," Joey says as he looks at Mason curiously. "So, what, are you guys dating?"

"Yeah," Mason nods.

"Hmm," he raises an eyebrow at me, "I wasn't expecting you guys to end up together."

"Yeah, well she got pranked in front of the full school and what can I say, I fell in love," Mason laughs.


Oh God.

I can't say I love Mason. I mean, I really like him and I love having him in my life because he makes me happy and is probably the most positive thing in my life, but I'm not sure about love. I've never been in love to know what it feels like, so who knows. Maybe I am.

"Who pranked you?" Joey laughs.

Glad you find it funny.

"Zeke Blakely," Mason answers for me.

Joey laughs again, "Legend," he whispers.

That's what Zeke called himself the day it happened.

I shove Joey's shoulder, "Shut up. It was embarrassing."

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