Chapter 19 - Protective

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"Marnie?" A random girl taps my shoulder as Zoey and I walk through the corridor to math. I don't recognise her. She's a pretty blonde girl with bright blue eyes.


"Um, my names Jennifer, hi," she waves.

I laugh, "Hi."

"So, since your friends with Zeke, could you ask him to return my calls. He's probably been too busy to answer but it's been weeks," she giggles, nervously.

Poor girl.

"Okay, but you shouldn't hold your breath with him. He's a player, and you could find someone a lot better."

She raises her eyebrows at me, "Wow."


"Aubrey was right."

Oh God.

"About what?"

"You like Zeke."

Okay, seriously? She got that from me trying to help her?

"Calm down crazy," Zoey laughs, "Don't get mad at Marnie just because Zeke actually answers her calls."

Actually, he doesn't. But I decide not to tell her that.

Jennifer gasps in an over exaggerated way then struts down the corridor. 

"Somebody forgot to take her medication this morning," Zoey rolls her eyes. "Why didn't the bitch just find him herself?"

"It's not easy." Zeke is always hiding somewhere at school. He's not even trying. Everyone thinks he's with some vulnerable girl in the janitors closet or something, but I don't think so. If he wanted a make out session with someone he wouldn't go somewhere private for it. He doesn't care enough. And he's says he's not desperate enough to hook up with someone at school.

I sit through my classes, taking notes on everything the teachers say and being the best I can be, as usual. Then the lunch bell rings, and I go to the cafeteria in a good mood and find Isaac on the way there. 

"Why are you so happy?" He asks as we stand in the lunch line.

I shrug, "Life's good right now."

"Congratulations. That's a big achievement," he ruffles my hair.

"What problems do you have going on right now?"

He sighs and looks around the cafeteria, his eyes landing somewhere. "It's nothing. How are you and Mason?"

"We're good."

He nods, "Have you seen Zeke?"

"No, why?"

"Just wondering," his eyes move to the cafeteria door.

We get our food and he asks me to take his to the table while he goes to the bathroom, so I take it and sit with Zoey and Cole. They sound like they're arguing.

"Marnie! Finally, you're here," Zoey sighs.

"Marn, tell Zoey to stop hating me," Cole says.

"You've already told me to tell her than three times today," I sit down beside Zoey and put Isaac's food next to Cole.

"Tell her to tell me why she hates me then."

"I don't fucking hate you, Cole!" Zoey yells, "You're just fucking annoying and I wish you'd leave me alone."

Cole looks shocked as he visibly winces at her words. "Fine. I'll leave you alone," he sounds angry and gets up from the table and starts to walk away.

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