Chapter 34 - Because Marnie

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I open the front door to a squealing Zoey, and she rushes into my house, grabs my arm and pulls me upstairs and into my bedroom.

"Will you tell me what's going on now?" I ask as I fall onto my bed. Zoey called me half an hour ago – freaking out – and told me she needs to talk to me about something, so I told her to come over. And now here she is, closing the door and checking outside my windows for dramatic effect.

Finally, she sits on my bed beside me and takes a deep breath. "Cole and I had sex last night."

My eyes widen. "Really? You finally gave into him."

"It's not that I gave into him... I wanted to."

"... How was it?" I ask, surprised that i'm even interested in knowing about this subject.

"Surprisingly really good. Cole is... somethin'," she says with a laugh. "He knew I wasn't a virgin but he still asked me like a hundred times if I was okay and if I was sure."

"Aww, that's sweet." Cole is such boyfriend material which is unexpected because he's never had a real relationship.

"So did you forgive that dick Zeke yet?"

"Hey, don't call him that," I scold her, annoyed. Zeke gets called too many names and it's starting to get on my nerves that people just assume he's a dick because of the bad boy image he portrays.

"So i'm guessing you did," Zoey rolls her eyes then smiles.

"We went out last night. He explained everything. We got ice cream. Went to the beach. He saw me in my bra. No biggie," I say in my calmest tone even though I still have butterflies from that night.

"What?" Zoey's jaw drops. "Hold the fuck up, how did he see you in your bra? Did he rape you or something? Oh my god, are you still a virgin?"

"Of course I am. We were just sitting at the beach and things got a little... hot."

"Details, woman!"

"He started kissing my neck and stuff, and I sat on him, then he lifted my shirt but before anything else happened Charlie called me."

"Damnit, Charlie!"

"Maybe it was a good thing he interrupted though. Zeke said he hadn't had sex in like twenty years so what if he was just gonna use me for sex? It wouldn't mean anything to him."

Zoey gets up on her knees and starts punching the air near my face. "I am going to fucking rip the hair off of your head in a second."

"Why?" I say, holding her arms down.

"You're so blind! Zeke is obsessed with you. There's a reason why every girl in school is jealous of you. They can see that Zeke is different with you."

"Since when is everyone jealous of me?"

"Seriously? That's what you got from that?"

"Okay, so let's say Zeke did like me back. It's obviously not enough for him to do anything about it. Maybe he doesn't want to commit to a relationship."

Zoey falls back on my bed with a sigh. "Can't he just grow some balls and ask you out? Man, I hate that guy."

"Why do you hate him?" I ask, jumping to Zeke's defence once again. "You should get to know him more; he's really sweet. Last night he beat up some guys who said something about me."

"For real? Was it hot?"

I laugh. "Kinda."

"Ah, how did these sexy guys come into our pathetic lives."

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