Chapter 30 - Fascination

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"Did you hear about the fight?"

"They all got suspended."

"Apparently Zeke is in hospital."

"I heard some got arrested."

I feel like I am going to be sick. All day at school Ive been hearing things like this.

Zeke, Isaac, Jordan and some of his friends were apparently all in some big fight, and they all got suspended.

I want to know why, and I want to know if Zeke and Isaac are okay. He's in hospital. That's another one of the many rumours that have spread over the past couple of hours. I need to know if he's okay, but then again, so does most of the girls here.

His dad. Oh god, I really hope his dad somehow doesn't find out about this.

Standing at his locker, I notice a familiar figure with tattoos running up his arms. "Is it true?" I ask Brandon. "The fight?"

"Sure is," Brandon smiles a little.

"You weren't involved?"

"No. I was busy eatin'."

"Is Zeke okay?"

He shrugs, "Why don't you ask him?"

"We're not exactly friends anymore."

Brandon chuckles. "You and your relationship drama."

"It's not relationship drama-" I decide not to get into this. "Why did he get into a fight with Jordan?"

He shrugs again. "Jordan just said he came at him all pissed. He made himself out as the victim, but we all know Jordan would have said shit to provoke him."

"So who won?"

He laughs. "No one won. They both got fucked up pretty bad I guess, but considering it was six against two, I have a feeling Blakely and Wilson got it worse."

No, no, no. I need to know how he is. I need to see him.

But he doesn't want to see you.

I'll just wait until I see them at school, then i'll know he's okay. So all weekend I try my best not to think about him or the fight. I text Isaac asking how he is, which he replies saying he's fine and that it wasn't him I should be worrying about, which made me panic even more. I still hadn't worked up the courage to text Zeke though.

It's Tuesday when they're all back at school, and when I see Isaac in the parking lot, I almost run over to him. His face is bruised up pretty bad, but it isn't as bad as I had expected.

"You're back," I say, stating the obvious because I don't know what else to say. I want to ask about Zeke but I feel like people are sick of me talking about him.

"So is Zeke," he smirks at me, knowingly.

Where is he? Is what I want to ask, but I decide against it.

Maggie appears beside Isaac and she takes his hand. She doesn't say anything, but I look at her expecting her to. She's a really chatty person, but just now she looks as if something's bothering her.

"Are you okay?" I ask her.

She nods once, then her eyes focus on something behind me. Butterflies erupt in my stomach as I think of who it could be, and when I turn around, it is.

Ezekiel Blakely, limping away from his car, his eyes focused on the ground.

Hesitantly, I walk over to him and block his path. I have no idea what I want to say to him, but my legs took me over here.

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