Chapter 11 - Moon talk

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The colour drains from Zeke's face as he stares at his father.

"Is this your girlfriend?"

I realise he's looking at me. "No, no. I'm Marnie, his babysitter."

He smiles and looks at Zeke who's staying quiet. "You need a babysitter now?" He looks like he's going to laugh at him.

He doesn't look like Zeke very much, they only have the same hair colour, but his brown hair is pulled back with hair gel. He's wearing a white t-shirt tucked into brown jeans and has an expensive looking watch on his wrist.

"It's nice to meet you Marnie, my name is Paul. You can call me Mr. Blakely."

Well okay then sir.

"What are you doing here?" Zeke sounds angry.

"Close the door please, Ezekiel. You're letting a draft in," Paul says, ignoring him.

Yes, I am going to call him Paul in my mind.

Zeke closes the door, "Why are you here?"

"I decided to come home for the weekend," he starts looking around the walls, "Where is your sister?"

"At a friends house."

"Which friend?" He focuses his attention back on his son.

Zeke shrugs.

"Answer me with words please."

What the frick?

"I don't know, holy fuck," Zeke rolls his eyes.

Paul looks mad by this and turns to look at me with a fake smile, "Will you please give us a moment alone?"

I nod and walk into the living room.

Why did Zeke not mention that his Dad's an asshole?

Ah, that's where he must have got the asshole gene from.

From where i'm sitting on the couch I can hear what sounds like them arguing.

The look on Zeke's face when he saw his Dad was so heartbreaking, it makes me want to run and hug him right now. I wish I knew why their relationship was like this.

Five minutes later, Zeke comes into the living room and sits on his usual spot, his fists clenched.

"Are you okay?" I move closer to him on the couch next to the one he's on.

"Yes," he takes out his phone then puts it to his ear.

"You need to come home," he says sternly into the phone. I notice his foot is tapping on the ground.

There is a pause before he speaks again.

"Dad's here... I don't care... Maggie fucking come here... Okay... Fine." He hangs up.


He looks up and meets my eye, his leg stops shaking.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing. My Mom forgot to tell me my Dad's coming back."

"I mean why-"

"You don't have to stay," Paul comes in, "I'm here now. I'll make sure you get your pay for the time you've been," he pauses,  "babysitting him."

I really don't care about the money. I don't want to leave Zeke here alone when he's obviously distressed.

I look at Zeke, his eyes are alert, looking at me.

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