Chapter 1 - The Job

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"Ah, crap!"

I look at the expired milk carton in disgust, then at the floating white lumps that are now in my tea.

Great, now there's no milk for my tea or cereal.


Cereal is the thing I eat most. I mean, it's perfect. It takes two minutes to make, and it's delicious. How can you not love cereal?

I take the milk carton over to the small trash can sitting in the corner of our small kitchen, ignoring the sour smell, I drop it in. I should pour it out in the sink or something, because it'll probably start to smell in here.

Are you supposed to do that?

Oh well, I guess I'll just ask my mom when she gets home. I really have no idea how I'm supposed to cope with living on my own. I am the most unsure and indecisive person ever. I'm sure of that.

Hey, look! I'm sure of something!

I snap out of my thoughts and go back over to my mug of rotten tea. I take the mug and pour the contents down the sink, then place the mug in the dishwasher.

I then stride back into the living room and grab my phone from where I left it on the couch. After collapsing down on the comfortable couch, I send my mom a text asking her to pick up some milk on the way home from work.

My mom works as a nurse in our local hospital. She leaves a little earlier than I leave for school, and gets back home a couple hours after I finish school.

Since I don't have a social life, I usually spend my time after school studying or watching teen wolf or criminal minds.

Yeah, I'm pretty much a loner. Although I never used to be, until my brother – Joey – went off to college last year. Joey and I get on pretty well, despite the usual brother-sister arguments. I do miss having him around though, and only seeing him on holidays just isn't enough for me.

After watching teen wolf for a couple of hours, I finally hear my mom come in and the familiar hello she always shouts to me.

I walk through to the kitchen where I see her sitting a grocery bag down on the circular kitchen table.

"Hey, mom," I say while taking the fresh milk out of the bag and putting it into the fridge.

"How was school?" She asks as she picks up the paper bag and puts it into the trash can.

"It was alright I guess."

She gives me the slightest smile. I can tell she's stressed from her day at work. She says she likes her job but I know she doesn't, but she has to work long hours so she can make a living for us.

"Anything interesting happen at the hospital?" I ask, hoping for some juicy gossip like, they brought in an injured werewolf who'd been shot by a silver bullet, or, a girl came in with a werewolf bite and started attacking all the doctors and now the hospital is taken over my werewolves.

Yeah, I'm a little obsessed with teen wolf.

"Hmm, well I had to help a doctor remove a wart from a lady's backside."

I scrunch up my face. "Gross."

She laughs. "Oh, and my friend from work asked me if you could babysit her son." She fills the kettle up with water then turns it on.

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