Chapter 9 - Higher Than The Sky

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"Hey, Mom, I'm going out," I tell my mother who is sitting in the living room watching TV with her boyfriend, Charlie.

Her and Charlie have been together for almost a year now, and I really like him. I'm not the kind of girl who cuts him out and tells my Mom not to date him just because he's not my Dad. He makes her happy and that's all I had been wishing for my Mom for years.

"Where are you going?"

"To a movie with Mason."

She gasps, pausing the TV, "Mason? Really? That's amazing, Marnie! Why did you not tell me this before?"

Yeah, my Moms kinda a fangirl of my life.

I shrug, "I've been busy."

Busy thinking about Zeke Blakely.

God, why can't he just stop doing whatever he's doing that's making me go insane.

"Well have fun, honey, and don't be home too late."

"I won't," I begin walking away and shout bye to Charlie and my Mom and they shout it back, then I go outside to where Mason's waiting for me in his Mercedes.

Like the many kids at my school, his parents are rich as frick.

"Hey," he smiles as I get inside the car and fasten my seatbelt. "You excited?"

"Yeah," I half lie.

We were going to see a romance movie, and honestly I'm more of the action kind of girl.

Mason said that the other movies showing were shit, and I agreed even though I didn't agree, so here we are.

When the movie is over, Mason and I decide to get ice cream and sit on a stone wall that looks over the beach.

The sky was sparking with stars as we sat there, so close to each other, me with my mint-chocolate ice cream and him with vanilla.

"Okay, so, bad choice of movie," he says and we laugh.

"Yes, definitely. I mean, could it get anymore cliché?"

"That's what I was thinking."

What I've learned about Mason is that he's so kind, and genuine. He payed for my movie ticket and ice cream no matter how many times I said no. He distracted me then payed for it, which I was mad about but let it go and thanked him about one hundred times.

We talked for a while, then walked along the beach, holding hands.

Mason was nothing like i'd thought he was. There was so much about him that interested me. He also seemed so happy, so positive. And I think that's a good thing for me. I need more positivity in my life.

And Mason is just that.


It was now Monday, and I was siting in history class, about to die from boredom.

There's something about history that's just so... uninteresting. Maybe it's my teacher, but every time the lecture starts, I feel like I'm going to fall asleep.

When the bell rings, I pack up my stuff and am about to make my way to the cafeteria when someone taps my shoulder.

I turn around and am met with the queen-bee aka bitchiest girl in school aka most popular girl in school aka Aubrey Winters.

She had perfect hair, large perfect eyes, big lips, and the most perfect body.

But she was a bitch. Which trumped all of that.

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