Chapter 10 - "I would never hurt you, Zeke."

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"Why are you driving so slowwww?"

"I'm not," I tell the asshole, even though I kind of am. I don't feel confident driving a car like this.

"You are."

"Please shut up, Zeke," I rub my temples, tired from the night I've had and mostly from Zeke's constant annoying conversations he keeps trying to have with me.

"I saw you and Mason," he says after a moment of silence.

I glance at him. He's slouched against the passenger side door, looking at me with a look in his eyes I can't recognise.

"I don't like it," he states.

"Like what?"

"You and him."


"Can't tell you," he looks away.


Another moment passes.


My head snaps to the side. "You just called me my name."

Oh my God. He's only called me my name once, and it was when he was mad at me for telling Cole and Isaac about babysitting him.

I like the way it sounds rolling off his tongue, even when he's drunk. I remember getting butterflies the first time he said it, too.

"Are we friends?" He asks, as if he didn't hear what I just said.

"I guess."

I hear him sigh. "I wish we weren't."

"Why?" I can't help feeling a little hurt.


I groan. He hasn't been able to form a proper sentence and I always have to keep asking why why why until what he's saying makes sense.

"Because what?"

"I don't like being around you."

I grit my teeth. "Why?"


I almost swerve off the road from rage. This is so irritating.

"Because why, Zeke?" I say harshly.

"Because you make me happy."

My rage disappears. "Isn't that a good thing?"



"Because if you make me happy then i'm just giving you the power to hurt me."

I heart sinks. "I would never hurt you, Zeke."



I pull up into his driveway and turn off the engine. Taking the keys, I walk round the car to help Zeke who has managed to pull himself out the car and stumble towards the door a little.

I shut his car door and help him inside.

When we entire his house, Evelyn comes rushing out of the kitchen.

"Where have you been? I've been calling you-" She cuts herself off and gasps when she takes in the state of her son.

"Ezekiel Blakely!"

I almost snort.

"Are you drunk?" She turns to me, "What is he on?"

"Marijuana I think," I say, remembering the smell of his cigarette.

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