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You had met him a year ago when your friend, a famous photographer, was invited to Korea for a photo shoot and she had taken you with her. She was to take pictures of no one else but your favourite band, EXO. She had taken you with her because she wanted you with her and she didn’t speak Korean or Chinese very well. Of course some of the guys understood English, but really, she just wanted an excuse to take you with her. When you arrived you were speechless when you met them all the first time. They were charming, funny and friendly. At first they had all made a fuss over your friend because of her naturally blonde hair and striking blue eyes. But when she had been busy setting up her photography gear, you got chatting with the members. Throughout the whole photo shoot you could feel someone’s eyes on you and you wondered who it was because you could never quite pinpoint the stares. After the shoot was finished, the photos were projected onto a big screen and you had to admit that your friend was really good. You kept glancing at Tao though; he had always been your favourite and you wished he would notice you. Just before you were due to leave someone gave you a piece of paper, but you couldn’t see who; a number was scribbled on it with a little heart and a message: Text me. The guys were going back to get changed when your friend came up to you and told you that the two of you were invited to dinner with them. She left for a while to pack up her gear and you texted the number.

Who are you? And why did you give me your number? Jx

It’s Tao. You looked nice :) Txxx

The reply had come a few seconds after your text had sent. You could still remember your surprise. A few weeks later Tao and you were dating; not officially but almost. Then after about two months of knowing him, he had asked you to be his girlfriend. While Tao and you had been going out, your friend got very close to Sehun. They were never apart for the whole two weeks that she was in Seoul. And now as you look next to you in the plane, your friend sits there, reading a book. As if she can feel your gaze, she looks up and smiles at you.

“You ok?” she asks. You feel yourself nodding and really you are. You can’t wait for the plane to land. You get out of the plane after it landed in Seoul and drag your friend to collect your bags as quick as possible. When you get out of the airport, you see a black car waiting for you, with Brian the chauffeur waiting for you. You grin at your friend, give him your bags and get into the car. He drives you to a large white apartment complex in town and you get out excitedly. You leave your bags with Brian and just run straight up. As soon as your friend opens the door, she is enveloped in a hug, then pulled aside quickly and as you enter you can see that Sehun has her backed up against the wall and they are kissing fervently. Before you can think about anything else, a pair of arms close around you and your mouth is claimed by another, very familiar mouth. Tao’s lips are soft against your own and you feel his tongue go along your bottom lip asking for entrance which you grant happily. You only break apart when you hear the clearing of ten throats almost directly next to you. You break the kiss and look to your right; the rest of EXO is leaning through the doorway to the living room, grinning like madmen. Your friend is standing next to you, with Sehun hugging her from behind and nuzzling her neck. She smiles at you and she doesn’t have to say anything, you know she’s happy in that moment.

“Come here, baobei.” Tao whispers in your ear, his arms closing around you from behind. “D.O. cooked for us.” He kisses your neck and whispers your name over and over again.

Joyce. Joyce. Joyce.


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