I must have sat on the bed for a couple of hours, just thinking of my options.  The way I see it, I have virtually none.  When stupid Jessie ran her big mouth, revealing to Vincent that I had planned to run away from him, he went all psycho and his possessive instincts kicked in.  Therefore, he’s going to be even more annoying and clingy than usual.  Now that leads me to my desire to leave him.

There’s no way he’ll let me out of his sight, so that means that Crystal’s help is now out of the question.  I suppose it always was figuring that there was no way I’d be able to come up with the money she required for her service anyway.

I looked out the window.  The sun had set and there were no stars out tonight.  The moon was close to being full, which meant that in most likely two days, Vincent’s wolf will be in charge.  I actually know how to explain this one because every full moon, humans are warned to stay indoors.

With a werewolf, it’s like there’s two people inside one body…kind of.  The werewolf is completely aware of everything, however there’s a tiny voice inside their head, called their wolf.  This inner wolf will sometimes guide them on what to do and will even tell them when they have found their mate.  It’s kind of creepy, because when the wolf wants something, the werewolf is usually helpless in acting out its desired actions.  Therefore, when the wolf becomes fully in charge of the limbs and all actions of the werewolf, it’s a little frightening.

It’s always during the full moon that humans disappear.  That is, except for the humans who were chosen to be the mates of wolves.  The wolf will keep the human mate by their side all day, not even letting them do the simplest tasks alone, even showering.  I heard Danni once walked two paces from Reed’s side during a full moon, and his wolf flipped out. 

Because wolves are more animalistic than the werewolf, it’s not unusual for them to bite or slash at their human mates.  It usually happens when the human does something that the wolf isn’t fond of, and then-boom.  They look like Two-Face or they’re in the hospital with tones of flesh wounds.  They’re never killed, but they do often times come close to death.

Therefore, I need to leave Vincent within two days time.  If I don’t, then, knowing me, I’ll do something that will result in him attacking me on the full moon.  I guess the best option is to leave at night when he’s asleep.

I groaned and wiped at my tired eyes.  When I did, I smelt the chlorine on them from the swimming pool and gagged.  I walked over to the door and tried to open it, but when I tried, I hit something behind it and heard Vincent growl.

“Where are you trying to go now?” he snarled from the other side.

“I want to take a shower,” I said.

“Fine,” he sighed and got up off the ground.  He opened the door and grabbed my hand, leading me out of the bedroom and over to the bathroom.  He pushed me inside and closed the door behind me, sitting down in front of it again.

I looked around the small bathroom, noticing that there was no window, which totally explained why he was so accepting as to let me into this room all by myself.

I walked up to the counter, feeling the plaque on my teeth, making me scowl.  I turned on the hot water faucet, letting it get all steamy and then ran the one toothbrush under it for a good two minutes before I scrubbed my teeth clean.

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