A million things were running through my mind as Vincent entered the forest, carrying me in his arms.  The main thing was that once Jason finds out Vincent's intentions, he's going to be so pissed off.  I just prayed that when he murdered Vincent, he wouldn't accidentally injure me in his blind fury.

Vincent still appeared like he was in his human form.  The only differences I noticed visually were his much pointier ears, his sharper teeth, and his new permanent yellow eyes.  When he talked, his voice sounded deeper and scratchy.  Plus, he couldn't found sentences real well, instead choosing to communicate with grunts, growls, barks, yips, pretty much everything dog.  I suppose this is what people mean when they say that the wolf's inner wolf takes over their body.

It's kind of weird.

I looked around.  It seemed like Vincent knew where he was going.  He stared on ahead, keeping me cradled to his bare chest as he ran faster than any human I know.  We swished past trees, jumped over branches, and dodged giant rocks that lay in our path.  He has a plan.  I know it.

"Vincent," I said, "where are you taking me?"

"Keep Mate," he growled, and that was it.  He didn't even glance down at me or anything.  His inner wolf was only focused on keeping me at his side.  He went down the checklist, passing the making sure I was nearby, then making sure I was protected, and now making sure he could keep me.  I hope to
God that there's no more steps that he wants to do...unless there's a Free Mate part, but I highly doubt that.

My stomach growled and I felt it tighten.  "Vincent, I'm hungry," I whined.

Immediately Vincent froze in his tracks, coming to an abrupt stop.  He looked down at me, concern all over his creepy face.  "Comfort Mate," he growled.  Okay, I guess that's the third one on the checklist.  At least that doesn't sound too bad.

Vincent set me down on my feet gently, keeping his hands on my waist to make sure I was steady.  He perked up his head and sniffed around the area before a wide smile formed, showing off his dagger-like teeth.  For a second, he looked like he was about to run off, but then he looked at me and a worried expression appeared.  I was then thrown over his shoulder and he was off running again.

Vincent didn't run far.  He ran up to a tall pine tree and jumped, wrapped both of his arms around the trunk, while we were about fifteen feet above the ground.  Because I was over his shoulder, I was so lucky to see him climbing the very tell tree, watching as the ground grew farther and farther away with every passing second.  Soon Vincent reached one of high branches and set me on it, placing my hands on the trunk, telling me to hold onto it.

"Mate stay here," he said.

I nodded, having absolutely no intent on attempting to climb down this giant tree by myself.

Vincent smiled and leaned forward, licking the side of my face.

I grimaced, but waited for him to look away before I wiped the saliva off.  Vincent climbed, or rather jumped, down the tree and then took off running into the foliage where I couldn't see him.

I kept my arms wrapped around the tree and looked down at the ground, which must have been about thirty or forty feet away.  Now Vincent did this for one of two reasons.  The first being he wanted to make sure that I was in a position where I would end up needing him, just as I need him to get out of this stupid tree.  The second, and most likely, is that he put me out of the reach of predators...or Jason.

I waited up in that idiotic tree for a good three minutes before I heard some rustling in the bushes on the ground.  A part of me hoped that it was Jason so that he could save me from this predicament, but then I realize that he'll also be turned into a possessive animal due to the full moon as well.  Another thing too, how in the world does a space rock turn men into animals?

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