Sometimes I wish that, just once, I’d think something over before I act.  Like now for instance.  I was mad at Vincent for scenting me without my permission…and partly for scenting me in the first place because it just sounds frickin’ disgusting.  Therefore, I decided to strip down to my bikini and go outside, where Vincent went psycho.

As soon as I was outside, I felt arms wrap around my body, pulling me into him.  He was trying to shield my body away from the unmated wolves, who still hooted and hollered for me to take my top off.  Vincent started to walk into Danni’s house, and because he’s like so much stronger than I, I was practically dragged.

Once indoors, Vincent pushed me back at arm’s length, keeping me in his clutches.  His eyes were bright yellow and his body was shaking a little from his anger.  He just stood there, staring me down for what seemed like an eternity, before he decided to speak up.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he snarled.

I had to clear my throat and swish some spit around my mouth to get it wet so I could respond.  “It’s uh, hot and I didn’t want to overheat,” I lied.  Well, sure it was hot out, but I highly doubt I’d overheat.

“Then get in the pool,” Vincent growled.

This one I really had a legitimate excuse for.  “I don’t know how to swim.”  I never learned.  The main reason for that is being that since our territory is located in what used to be called North Dakota, there’s not really any large body of water nearby where I could have learned.  Plus pools were a luxury, which is amazing that Reed managed to get one.  Well, then again I suppose he was compelled to please Danni, who always talked about swimming and junk like that.  I’m fairly sure I could have learned if I was allowed to run away to Florida!

Before Vincent could say anything, the back sliding glass door opened and Jessie walked in, wearing a small black bikini.  She could pull off bathing suits better than me, that lucky bitch.

“Dude Nora!” she gushed.  “I know you don’t wanna hear it, but Kyle can’t stop talking about how sexy he thinks you look.  I heard from Veronica that he wants to ask you to Prom!”  She looked all giddy until her eyes landed on a very pissed off Vincent.

His grip on my arms tightened and he let out a low growl.  He had taken his shirt off earlier, so I saw how his powerful chest muscles expanded and contracted with every deep breath he took.  “Who’s Kyle?” he demanded, looking at me like I had wronged him somehow.

I rolled my eyes.  “He’s some loser who’s had a crush on me since you guys revealed yourselves,” I scoffed.  Seriously, Vincent doesn’t need to worry about me and…eww, Kyle.  Just the thought of Kyle made bile rise up in my throat and my stomach twist with nausea.

Vincent’s face physically relaxed and he stared at me for a little while longer.  Jessie stood in awkward silence, wondering whether or not she should leave.  Vincent finally smirked and turned to her.

“Jessie,” he barked, “bring Kyle in here.”

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