The rest of the way back to Jason's house was spent in terribly awkward silence.  I could tell that he was under the same spell that caused him to go all psycho on me.  And that's the best way I can manage to categorize his rapid change in behavior: a spell.

Jason used to be all caring and he would call me Nora.  He made me feel human after Vincent made me feel like a piece of property.  Could it be possible that his kind attitude was all a game?

I guess so.  There's no other explanation that comes to mind right now.

From the forest, Jason had led me to a truck.  It was rather large and looked different from the vehicle I had seen him driving before.  This one was larger and a lot fiercer, almost as if it shrieked manly...and douchebag.  It was pitch black, like death and on top of the cab were giant lights, like he'd have to see through thick fog.  Even when Jason started it, it roared to life, the engine pounding my eardrums, in a barrage of sounds that threatened to make me go deaf.  And it was faster, a hell of a lot faster at that.

When Jason stomped on the gas, my body was thrown backward, getting slammed into the seat.  Inwardly, I thanked God that it was a four-seater truck, so my head didn't smash into the back window.

Jason threw his beefy arm around my shoulders, making me sink into the seat a little bit.  I hesitantly glanced up at him.  He wore a deep scowl on his face and every now and then, his lip would curl up.  Yeah, he was pissed at me.  And all because I kissed Vincent on the cheek.  I can't imagine what he would do if I had kissed Vincent on the lips, or if he found out that Vincent had full-on kissed me, with tongue and everything.

"Uhh..." I mumbled.  "Everything okay?"  My body tensed up because I knew deep down that Jason's answer would be "no" and that he's explode it at me.

I felt a shiver run through Jason's body.  The steering wheel groaned under his tightening grip.  "It wasn't your fault Mate," he growled, his voice scaring me.  "It was that omega's."  He spit when he mentioned Vincent's rank, like it was a deadly disease to be a member of that.

I kept my mouth shut.  There was no way in Heaven or Hell that I'd reveal to Jason that it was I who initiated the kiss without any real prompting.

"But that's behind us now," he said, "because I have you back."  Jason leaned down and nuzzled me for a brief moment.  His stubble hurt my face and it felt like I was getting scraped to death by man-face!

"Yeah," I grumbled, for some reason a little mad.  Yeah, I made at Jason for acting so freaking creepy, but I knew deep own there was another reason.  He ruined my moment with Vincent!  I shouldn't be so angry over that fact, but I was!

Jason sat contently for a while, exiting the territory that Vincent had brought me to.  I could tell by the warning sign that stated whoever read it was about to break werewolf laws blah, blah, blah.  Jason was allowed to go in because he was alpha, like some sort of werewolf diplomat.

Then I remembered something.  "Hey Jason," I said.

Jason perked up.  "Yes?"

"You told me that alphas have a different set of rules when dealing with their mates.  What are they?"

Jason nodded, knowing that I'd eventually ask him this question.  "Well, they are a little similar to the regular werewolf code.  You know, Protect, Keep, Comfort, Love, and so on.  Like I still have the love and protect one, but it's different when it comes to the keep one."

"How?" I asked.

"Well let me just begin with the reason it is that way is because alphas are more animalistic in nature than regular wolves."

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