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The bell rang for all of us to go to the last period of the day.  For me this was PE, or more correctly termed: Human PE.  The werewolves had a separate PE class from us because obviously they were a lot stronger, faster, and just all around more muscular than us humans.

Our PE teacher was a werewolf, and one could easily tell he was annoyed with how weak we humans were.  He blew on the whistle, telling us all to assemble on the track that was outside, circling the football field.  In the middle of the field was the werewolf class.  I noticed Kyle, the football quarterback.  He was by far the strongest guy at our school and had yet to find a mate.  Some of the human girls who weren't faithful to their species were drooling at his feet.

I grimaced.  He's basically a dog!  What, does he drink out of toilets?  I laughed at my joke.

Coach blew his whistle.  "Ms...whatever your last name is, can you hurry up so your fellow human classmates can get the mile-run over with?"

I nodded and hurried over to the starting point.

"Check it out, Kyle's looking over here," my friend Jessie whispered into my ear.

I frowned at her.  "Doesn't bother you that every full moon he turns into a dog?"  So werewolves can phase into their wolf form at will, even if there's not a full moon out.  However, humans were warned that on full moons, werewolves get more primal than normal and will attack whatever it perceives to be a threat.  Poor Danni, she was told that her werewolf mate would be even more possessive on a full moon.  Every full moon she stayed home from school because her mate refused to let her leave his side.

Jessie shook her head.  "I like to think of it more as having a pet boy than dating a dog," she mused.

At that Kyle really did turn to face us, giving us a snarl. Damn his werewolf hearing.  Nevertheless, Jessie and I burst into hysterics.

I was really surprised with Jessie.  She wasn't at all afraid of werewolves; in fact, she wanted to be chosen as a mate.  She said it'd be like finding her soul mate, plus she wouldn't have to worry about him cheating on her.

No, instead she'd have to worry about getting fleas.  That thought got me thinking.  "Jessie," I whispered, extra low so that the werewolves wouldn't hear us, "is the werewolf version of crabs, fleas?"

Jessie stood in thought.  "I would think so," she pondered.

Coach blew the whistle, telling us to start our run.  "Try to make it less than twenty minutes humans," he roared.

Jessie and I gravitated towards the center of the track so as to kind of make our mile shorter by the rules of geometry.  We ran for a while, not even completing our first lap when we began to walk.  Whatever, we figured that, due to Alpha's orders, werewolves aren't allowed to harm humans in school.  Therefore coach wouldn't be able to punish us too severely.

"So you fill out your application to the college yet?" Jessie panted, already out of breath.  Yeah, we're out of shape. 

Jessie was referring to the only college in our territory.  It was expected of all the werewolves and humans to attend this college because of pack rules.  It was simple really: it's in the territory, so you go to it.

I shook my head.

Jessie frowned.  "You know the deadline is in three weeks, right? And that essay is hard!  It's all about how you feel your life has become better thanks to the emergence of werewolves in your area.  I had trouble thinking about a thesis, so I just said I appreciate the increased security."  There was an increase in security when the werewolves took control of the county.  I call them the Werewolf Police, although in the werewolf hierarchy, they're technically known as Trackers.  They monitor the borders, making sure no vampires get in, and no humans get out.

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