I woke up with light pouring in through the window.  Blinking my eyes a couple of times to rid the sleep from them, I came to the realization that I wasn’t at Vincent’s house.  This bed felt way too comfortable to belong to that animal.

I shot upright, glancing all around my surroundings.  This bedroom was significantly larger, looking as if it could fit two of Vincent’s bedrooms in it.  Plus the bed had flannel sheets instead of the cotton ones at Fleabag’s home.  I stretched my limbs, seeing that I had been changed, now wearing a full set of pajamas that actually fit me.

Who changed my clothes while I was unconscious?

There was a window at the far wall where the sunlight was pouring in.  I got out of the bed and walked over, feeling the cold hard-wood floor under my bare feet.  It felt nice as my feet were incredibly sore from my run last night.

The memories of last night slammed into me.  I ran away from Vincent.  I met a vampire. I was saved by Alpha.  Alpha claimed me as his mate.

Screw that!  I’m not having two werewolves fighting for me, getting all possessive.  That’s two Vincent’s!  And I don’t even want one!

I rushed to the window, seeing that I was on the second story of what I deduced was Alpha’s house.  It’ll have to do; besides it was one of those second stories where the window had some roof beneath it.  I slid open the window, grateful that there was no screen after it.  Carefully and slowly, I inched my body out of it, left leg first.  Eventually I had my body on the roof, running over to the side of the house.  Every few seconds, I looked out over at the neighborhood, hoping that no one could see the human girl running on Alpha’s roof.

They’d tell on me, no doubt.  It’s that whole stupid pack loyalty.  I call it tattle telling and preventing me from leaving the frickin’ territory!  At the end side of the house was a tree that I could climb down to the ground.  I could have just jumped, but I really don’t want to risk breaking my legs.

Once I reached the tree that was so conveniently located right next to Alpha’s house, I grabbed the closet branch, testing it for a bit by tugging.  When I did tug, it seemed to be sturdy.  It shook a little bit, but it didn’t seem to be close to breaking.  I took hold of it in both hands, and sure enough, I could support my weight.

Slowly, I climbed down the tree and jumped onto the ground below.  Freedom!  Again!  I took off running down the driveway of the rather normal looking house.  A part of me half-expected Alpha to live in a huge mansion and have thousands of werewolf butlers, but I suppose he’s attempting to be a down-to-earth guy/dog.

Whatever though.  It’s not like I’m ever going to see him again.

“Nora!  Where’re you going?” a man’s voice called from behind me.

I froze and turned around, only to see –go figure- Alpha running up to me.  He was only clad in basketball shorts, showing off his chest muscles, most likely trying to impress me with its sculpted awesomeness.  Yeah, he looks hot, but he’s a dog which last time I checked, is a turnoff.

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