My head pounded, as if there was some jackhammer inside there, just hammering away at my skull.  I groaned and rolled over on my side, grasping at my head with both hands as if that would put an end to this immense pain I felt.  Why was I having the headache of my life now?

I propped myself up and opened my eyes.  Wherever I was, it was dark.  I wasn't even able to see my nose the blackness consumed so much of the area.  All I could tell was that I was in some sort of room.  I could hear the wind outside whooshing around whatever building I was in.  Plus, I could tell that I was now sitting up in bed, because I could feel the warm blankets over my legs and the softness of the mattress under me.

I strained my ears, hoping to hear anything else that would give me a clue as to where I was.  However, it was no use.  All I could was the wind outside and that was about it.

I groaned and flopped back down on the bed.  Now I expected to just have my head hit a pillow, like what would have happened to most humans, but as fate has decided, I'm not a normal human.  Instead my head hit something hard and I heard Vincent let out a cough, letting me know that I had slammed my head down on his chest.

"Nora?" he sleepily asked, "what's wrong?"  Thank God that stupid baby talk is done.  Maybe I had been out long enough for the full moon to pass, allowing Vincent to regain control of his body back from his wolf.  I felt him shift from under me and wrap his arms around me, bringing me in close to his chest.

The memories from earlier rushed back into my mind.  I had rejected Vincent and decided to go with Jason as my mate.

"Where are we?" I asked.

Vincent moaned as he stretched his limbs, actually letting me go for a moment.  He then got off the bed and I heard footsteps to the far-side of the room.  In an instant, a flash of light erupted, allowing me to see the room...which was disappointing.

Let's start with the light, shall we? First off, this wasn't any fancy light fixture or anything, oh no.  It was just a light bulb dangling from a wire in the center of the ceiling.  There wasn't even a ceiling fan attached to it!  Not that I needed a fan or anything, it was rather cold for some reason, despite it being the summer time.  Then next were the walls.  They weren't even painted or covered in wallpaper.  They were wood.  That was it, just wood.  I could even see the nails that kept them in place, plus they looked all splintery!  Even the floor was just wood.  It wasn't even polished or sanded down either.  This place sucks!  The bed was the only décor in the whole room anyway, and it wasn't even a bed; just a mattress lying on the floor.

I glanced up at Vincent in disbelief.  He just looked back shyly, rubbing the back of his neck, obviously embarrassed.

"Mate," he mumbled, "this is our new home."

Oh hell no!  "What's wrong with your other house?" I cried, throwing my hands up in the air in exasperation.  I don't want to stay in this crappy loveshack.

Vincent rolled his eyes.  "Well, because I got demoted to omega, I'm not allowed to stay in our old home anymore, because that style is reserved for wolves of a higher rank.  We now have to live in the omega housing district."

All I knew about omegas were that they were the lowest of the low in the werewolf world.  I didn't know that they were forced to live in crappy shacks as well!  What's next?

Vincent turned off the light and I heard him walk back over to the mattress on the floor.  It sank and I felt him scoot closer to me, once again trapping me in his stupid embrace.  He let out a contented sigh as I felt him nuzzle me.

This place is horrible!  There's no way I want to live here! 

"Vincent," I whined, "why this place?"

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