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As a little girl, I used to believe in the silly notion that when my prince would come along, I'd instinctually know. He'd just show up, sweep me off my feet, and carry me off into the rainbow sunset to begin our wonderful life together. In my mind, he was supposed to be a human who looked like a model, with a killer smile that would melt my heart like chocolate, turning my insides into mush with just the magic of his voice. However, now, I knew that that was just a silly childish notion. As I paced Jason's bedroom, I contemplated on whether Vincent really was my soulmate. Sure he claimed that I was his mate, but I had yet to feel the pull as strong as he does. That was normal though: humans didn't have the emotional capability to experience devotion that deep, I was told by teachers. Regardless of my doubts and frustrations, there was a little glimmer of something that resided in my heart for Vincent; and it was that sparkle that drove my urge to see him again so that I could apologize and hopefully stop breaking his heart.

But I couldn't ignore the annoying that fact that, technically speaking, Jason was my soulmate. Vincent was meant to be my second mate, in case Jason died or put me in danger. And I was in danger, point blank- was that why I felt some kind of need to have Vincent around? No, because I've been in danger before with the swimming pool, the vampire, and if Jason truly is crazy then I was always in danger while in his presence; with that in mind, I should've always felt that need to have Vincent here. Therefore, I could only reach one conclusion: I was starting to like my werewolf mate.

Son of a bitch!

Fine, I'll admit it.. later. Right now I needed to get out of crazy Jason's house since there was no way I'd ever spread it for him or let him kill me. There was no more escaping, I realized, which meant that my only way out of this would be fighting my way out.

"Jason!" I called, stomping over to the bed, yanking the brass standing lamp that was in the corner of the room, ripping the cord as I did so. "C'mere!"

"What is it, Mate?" he asked from the other side of the door.

"I'm going to neuter you, so get in here!" I yelled, flexing my fingers around the lamp and bracing my legs so that I could swing it with all my might as soon as he came in.

There was a sigh from the other side of the door. "Really?" he asked. "This is how you want to play?"

Play? "I'm serious, Jason," I said, stomping my foot in frustration. "I'm going to kick your ass, and then I'm going to leave and you'll never see me-"

The bedroom door flung off its hinges, crashing down to the floor, revealing a very pissed off Jason in the doorway. He had his fists balled with rage, his eyes glowing red with his alpha power. "You're not leaving me," he snarled, baring his large canines at me.

"Yes I am!" I spat. "Now get outta my way or else I'll kick your fuzzy ass!" I swung the lamp towards him.

He jerked back, narrowing his eyes at me. "So you've chosen Last Resort, I see," he growled. "Fine." He took one step forward and I lunged at him, slamming the brass rod into the side of his head. It hit with a loud clang and the rode vibrated my entire body as it made contact. Apparently Jason's head was made of solid rock because he didn't even look phased by it, instead just cocking his eyebrow at me, as if asking if that was all I had.

And no, it wasn't! I swung the rod continuously, smacking him over and over, grunting with each beat as I did so. Soon my arms grew tired, my damaged shoulder throbbing from all the movement. The rod was completely bent, looking like a boomerang, and Jason still stood there as if I had just thrown a wadded up piece of paper at him.

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