I didn't get much sleep that night.  All that kept running through my mind were the events of the horrific day, shouting out at me that I was now technically property of a werewolf.  Oh, and get this: he's my new PE coach.  Excellent...

I peeled my eyes open at the shrilling screams of my stupid alarm clock.  Groaning, I rolled over and slapped the top of it, eventually hitting the Stop button.  When it was silenced, I lied in my bed, staring at the ceiling.  Unfortunately I didn't catch whatever my brother, who was now coughing his lungs out, had.  Life's a bitch.

"Nora, hurry up or you'll miss the bus," my mom said as she knocked on my door.

Remembering Vincent's demand that he drive me to school this morning, I winced.  "Umm, Jessie's mom is giving us a ride this morning," I lied.

"Make sure you thank her," my mom called as she walked off to comfort my brother.

Like a zombie (thank God they're not real...I think) I slowly crawled out of my room and made it to the bathroom.  I didn't feel like taking too long of a shower this morning, so I just washed my hair this morning.  Maybe Vincent will smell my natural human scent and be disgusted.  A girl can only hope.  I made sure to get dressed in the most boring clothes I own: plain blue jeans and a plain black long-sleeved shirt.  I even put my hair up in a boring ponytail.

Maybe Vincent will be turned off by how normal and uneventful I am.

I thumped my feet down the stairs, my backpack dangling from my right shoulder.  I had noticed the bite mark Vincent gave me when I was taking a shower, fighting with myself not to scream with anger.

My plan was to just sit on the sofa, watching TV and eating cereal, while I waited for my doom to arrive when I heard a loud honk outside.

"I'm leaving!" I shouted as I got off the couch and walked to the door.

"Already?" my mom called from upstairs.  "School doesn't start for an hour!"

Damn Vincent!  "We're getting breakfast!"

That was good enough for my mom who remained silent.

Sure enough, as soon as I opened my front door, there was Vincent's black truck parked in front of my house.  I saw Vincent inside, bouncing up and down like an excited kid.  What a nerd.  He opened the door for me from the inside, giving me a look that told me to hurry up.

I fast-walked to the truck and reluctantly hopped in, shutting the door, sealing off my escape...for now.  As soon as I was inside, I was wrapped in Vincent's strong embrace; he nuzzled me, his chest vibrating with what I assumed was like a purr.

"Good morning Mate," he happily said.  He held onto me for a while before starting the car back up and driving off.  I noticed that he was trying to impress me with his looks.  He wore a black polo shirt that strained across his massive chest muscles, none of the three buttons at the top done.  His biceps seemed to bulge out of the sleeves, being too big to be confined in fabric.  He wore those jeans that looked worn, the kind a working man wears.  He appeared to have styled his hair, attempting to look like he hadn't spent a few moments working on it, the bed-head/spiked look. 

Well, unfortunately for him, I don't find dogs sexy.

We began to drive off down the street, when he took a right instead of left.  "Where are we going?" I asked him.

Vincent had a wide smile on his face and his arm around me shoulders, keeping me close to his warm body.  "I figured I'd treat you to some breakfast before school.  I'm gonna take you to that one diner near the highway," he answered.

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