Now many things were running through my mind at this moment.  The first was focusing on how much I wanted to murder my best friend right now.  Thanks to her big mouth, Vincent now knows all about my plan to run away from him.  Although, at the same time I’m relieved that he doesn’t know that it was to Florida, so if I ever do manage to escape, he won’t think about searching there.

The second thing was how I was going to escape now.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Vincent’s possessive instincts will be in full-drive now.  I read about that in our werewolf class at school.  Whenever a wolf’s mate –they’re always human in these scenarios- expresses a desire to leave, the wolf mentally snaps and does everything in their power to keep their mate by their side, even if force is necessary.

Lastly, I couldn’t shake the feeling of Vincent’s tightening grip on my waist with his strong arms.  Yep, he’s snapped, having his animalistic instincts overcome his brain.  If I thought that he was possessive earlier, I’m in a world of hurt now.

Jessie stood in front of us, mouth hanging open in shock.  “I-I d-d-didn’t know!” she sputtered.  She put her hands up in defense and then ran off.  So first she causes Vincent to go all apeshit on me, and now she leaves me?

I hate you Jessie!

Vincent still growled in my ear, keeping me trapped to his body.  “I think it’s time for us to go home,” he growled.  I could hear his voice was strained, trying to keep himself from yelling.

He didn’t let go of me, but instead began to walk into the house, pushing me in front of him, still with his vicegrip on me.  We dripped water onto the carpet, but Reed kept his mouth shut when he looked at us.  I still haven’t seen Vincent’s face, but I’m fairly sure that it’s something even the devil would be afraid of.

I was ushered over to the truck and Vincent opened the passenger door for me.  I didn’t use my own legs to get in; Vincent literally shoved me inside, slamming the door hard right behind me.  Not wanting to get into any more trouble, I sat up and put my seatbelt on.

Vincent got in on the driver side.  As soon as he had his door shut, he snarled at me.  Go figure: I was right.  He was terrifying.  He bared his teeth at me, not like I’ve seen before, but really showing them off.  His canines were on full-display, gleaming with the power they had.  His eyes were bright yellow and narrowed at me, looking over me, calculating my every move.

Vincent leaned over and unclicked my seatbelt.  Before I could say anything, he pulled me closer to his body, then wrapping his seatbelt around the both of us.  His right arm was securely fastened around me the whole time as he began to drive, using only his left for the steering wheel.

His breathing was hard and controlled and every now and then I’d hear him growl.  He’d glance down at me and tightened his hold, letting out another low growl.

“I’m only going to say this once Mate,” he snarled.  “You belong to me.”  After that he was silent, leaving only the rumble of engine between us.  I noticed that his knuckles were white on the steering wheel, he was gripping it so hard.

I looked out the passenger side window, too afraid to start my own conversation.  A part of me shouted to apologize, only to make him happy and have him quit this whole creepy façade.

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