My eyes fluttered open and my head throbbed like crazy. Almost immediately, my shoulder screamed agony and I winced at the slightest movement in my torso, my bloodied shirt sticking to my skin. "What the hell?" I gasped, looking around, quickly noticing that I was back in Jason's room. Luckily, he was nowhere to be seen. I struggled to sit up, but my left arm was practically useless. Below the elbow it felt numb and above that t felt as if it were on fire. Yeah, there was serious damage done to me.

With a low grunt, I turned onto my side, eager to try to escape again. I couldn't give up. Vincent needed me and I needed to get back to him to make sure that he didn't die of heartbreak like his father had. I mean, I wasn't dead yet so in a way I was trying to prevent him from dying by trying to prevent myself from dying- like a two for one special for lifesaving. I rolled out of the bed, my entire body sore from the whole ordeal earlier. Trudging across the hardwood floor, I reached out for the doorknob to exit the room, only to find that the door wouldn't push out. It was almost as if something was up against it.

"C'mon!" I shouted, pounding against it with my good arm in frustration.

"It's no use, Mate," I heard Jason's low voice from the other side. That douche must've been sitting on the other side, using his immense bulk to trap me in his bedroom.

"Jason!" I pleaded, tears welling up in eyes. "Please, Jason, please! Just let me go and I swear I won't tell anyone! Just let me go and I won't even go to Vincent, I'll just be on my own way-"

"To Florida?" he scoffed. How did he know that? "I read your file and it wasn't hard to see that Florida would be where you'd flee since you used to have family there. So you wanna go to Florida, a human colony? A colony where I'll have no right to my mate and she can just up and leave me whenever she pleases?" He began to raise his voice until he was practically screaming through the door.

"Well, yeah."

"Fuck that, Nora!" he shouted. "You're not leaving that room until you promise you'll submit completely to me."

"Completely?" I asked. "You mean, like-?" My face grew flushed when I thought about submitting to Jason. I was under the impression that he just wanted me to bare my neck or something to show that I was submissive.

"Either you mate with me or we'll do the Last Resort," he snarled, slamming a hard fist on the door, making me jump back in shock. "I expect an answer by nightfall, which gives you about three hours."

Three hours?! How long was I out? And why the hell were doing Jason or having him kill me my only options? This sucked! Obviously I didn't want to give myself to that creepy wolf, but I wasn't prepared to die in rebellion.

"Um," I droned. "Can't we just be friends?"

There was silence and no doubt Jason was giving me a look that said to stop being an idiot.

"Best friends?"

"Mate," he snarled, "you heard what I said. Now think it over. Oh, and in the meantime, I'm going to stay right here in this spot, just to make sure that you don't do something foolish, like try to escape again. Got it?"

I yanked at my hair in frustration, pacing around the room. What was there I could do? I could just submit, close my eyes and get it over it. Worse case scenario: I hit myself over the head to knock myself out so that I could be unconscious during the entire thing. I never took werewolf sex ed, so I had no idea what to expect, but judging from Jason's demeanor, he'd probably pound me (literally) into smithereens. The other option was that I let him kill me. I glanced down at my shoulder, my shirt shredded at it, the dried blood still a little wet and sticky. He'd done some extensive damage to me, a huge chunk of skin missing, showing off some of the muscle I guess it's no more bikinis for me.

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