Oh crap!  I dropped the phone from my hands, letting it crash onto the hardwood floor.  It landed with a thud and I cringed, hoping that no werewolf henchman was nearby that could hear me on the phone.  If they relayed the information to Jason, then I’m frickin’ dead thanks to this last resort BS.

I picked the phone back up and carefully put it back onto the receiver.  Straining my ears, I guessed that I was in the clear because I didn’t hear anything running up to the house right now.  I couldn’t call Vincent because he didn’t take his cell phone with him when he hid us in the other territory…of which I have no idea the name or the location.  At least Jessie was safe…hopefully.  I know she can’t run that fast and she isn’t the smartest person in the world either.

Then my thoughts traveled back to Danni.  Poor Danni.  She was killed by Psycho all because of my stubbornness.  Man, if I wasn’t such an ass towards the werewolves, then it’s pretty safe to assume that I never would have met Jason and that she would still be alive.  And I’d be safe with Vincent.

That’s it.

I need to find Vincent.  And the only way I can do that is to leave this territory, but there’s no way I could be able to do that without escaping Jason and his henchmen.  He had said that his men were watching me today, but they must have been hiding out in the forest in the back of the house on a count of I haven’t seen them at all yet.

And, how am I going to get past them? The only thing that popped into my head was to just run like crazy and pray that a werewolf wouldn’t notice me.  But I’m fairly positive that wouldn’t work at all.  Then an idea popped into my head. 

I rushed over to the kitchen counters, pulling open one of the drawers directly under the large crack that Jason caused in his fit.  In there was all the eating utensils.  I grabbed one of the butter knives, its chrome finish shining in the fluorescent lighting.

Perfect.  All I have to do is convince the wolf that tries to catch me that I have silver, and then he should grow afraid to get near me.  Hopefully.

My knife in hand, I hurried over to the kitchen window.  I undid the lock and slid it open, popping out the screen.  Seriously, if Jason wanted to make the doors hard to leave out of, one would think he’d work on the windows as well.  Oh well.  I shoved myself through the window, falling onto my ass as soon as I was outside.

It was really cloudy and looked as if it were about rain.  However, the air was very dry, getting rid of all the moisture in my mouth.  Or maybe I was just terrified out of my mind.  Yeah, it’s most likely the second one.  My heart was slamming against my ribcage, loud enough for all the werewolves in the territory to hear.

I threw myself off the ground and rushed over to the tree line.  All I can remember from the outside world during the drive back here was a lot of trees.  So that made it safe to assume that the territory where Vincent is lies on the other side of the forest.

The forest wasn’t too far from Jason’s house, so I reached it in a matter of seconds.  My feet were slapping against the ground pretty loudly, so there was no doubt in my mind that a werewolf heard me.  I clutched the knife in my hand even tighter.  In the forest, all the trees looked the same.  In no time I was lost.

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