4:30 am|| Corbyn Besson

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When your eyes fluttered open they saw the most beautiful sight they could possibly see. They saw Corbyn,sleeping soundly, small snores coming from his mouth, his arms were wrapped loosely around you. You brushed the hair out of his eyes, trying your best not to wake up, looking at his face that held all these perfect features. You had never seen him look so handsome, so peaceful. These were the moments you realized how hard you were falling in love with him.

The moment didn't last long as his tired eyes opened half way, scanning your face to make sure nothing had happened.

"Hey" he whispered, pulling you close towards his chest.

"Hi" you whispered back, placing a small kiss on his exposed chest.

"How come your awake" he asked, his voice still soft and quiet, the sleepiness not leaving it.

"I just woke up, and then I started thinking" you told him, you felt bad for keeping him up in the early morning. You were about to kiss him and tell him to go back to sleep when he started talking again.

"What are you thinking about" he whispered, moving his head more on your shoulder, hearing your heart beat. His figure started to draw shapes on your exposed hip as his other hand found yours that was laying on your stomach and intertwined them.

"Just about how amazing this last year has been. For me, for you, for us. I'm working on editing my book, you and the guys are growing like crazy. I live in La now. Sometimes I get these huge butterflies in my stomach knowing I can see you any day of the week and that at any time can you call me and ask me to spend the night. I don't have to wait every other month to see you if I'm lucky, I don't have to wish you were with me because when I turn my head you are. I feel like I finally belong" you told him, unloading the whole truth on him.

Corbyn listened to every word carefully, like he always did.

"Babygirl, there won't ever be a time for the rests of our lives where you won't belong here, with me, in my arms. The next year will be even better than this one, not just for me and not just for you, but for us as well. We're forever baby, we're something different" he whispered back. And even in a whisper could you hear and feel all the love he had for you.

"Just had to throw your song in there didn't you?" You giggled, bringing your lips to his noes and planting a kiss on it.

"Of course, always plug" he said with a sleepy smile on his face causing a loud giggle to come from your mouth.

"It's 4:30 in the fucking morning. No baby making, go bed" Daniel shouted from the other side of the wall. Both of you laughed loudly, before you turned your head to kiss him.

The kiss lasted a few minutes, it was soft and passionate not heated and fast, sometimes you liked it better that way.

You pulled away before looking into his eyes.

"I love you so much"

"Mm, I kinda love you too" he said with a chuckle. He moved his head back to your shoulder and closed his eyes, waiting for sleep to take over him.

"Goodnight bean" you whispered before closing your eyes.

With you're hands and bodies still intertwined, faces only inches apart, hearts beating at the same pace, you fell asleep, loving him slowly and all at once
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