Chapter 27

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written by Miniorchid
edited by kakashi

"How is he?" Zhi Lan asked 2nd Senior, dropping his voice down to a whisper when he entered the cave at the foot of the mountain. He eyed Fong Hung with great concern. The animal was still immobile on the stone bed they had put him on.

The Mount had lost consciousness after delivering the message at their gates and was drifting in and out of the nothingness ever since. Following their Master's order, several of the Kunlun disciples had carried the limp, heavy body to the cave at the bottom of Kunlun Mountain. They had tried to summon High God Zhe Yan, but he was nowhere to be found; most likely, he was out travelling with his companion again.

2nd Senior hadn't rested for days, making elixir after elixir. They took different shifts tending to Fong Hung, admiring the dedication of this brave and loyal servant. He had traveled from the Barren Mountains all the way to Kunlun. His hands and feet were bloodied and broken. His belly was an open wound from dragging himself along the ground. When he remembered how to speak, he asked for his Mistress, with urgency, and the disciples had to reassure him again and again that she was safe, here, at Kunlun Mountain.

The outer physical wounds were gone by now, but the internal injuries were an altogether different matter. Their elixirs had no real effect. Whatever they told him, he forgot again immediately. His cultivation was almost depleted and it looked like nothing could save him.

Gently stroking Fong Hung's large head, 2nd senior sighed. "He's still holding on, but I don't know for how much longer."

"I will inform Shifu," Zhi Lan told him, "let's hope the Demon Goddess wakes up in time to say her goodbyes."

With a heavy heart, Zhi Lan cloud jumped back to Kunlun Hall. When Shifu had come back with the Demon Goddess passed out in his arms, they were both covered in injuries. But Shifu had not let them fuss over him, he had wordlessly carried the woman to Seventeenth old room and had closed the door behind them.

Die Feng had been the one bringing Shifu warm water and towels, and he had reported to his anxious brothers that Mo Yuan seemed to suffer from the aftereffects of poison. However, rather than accepting treatment, Shifu spent day and night healing the woman's injuries. Shifu offered no additional information about what had happened, which was very much like him, but always a source of great anxiety for his disciples. Anticipating potential trouble, Die Feng had ordered the Kunlun gates shut. It was unlikely Mo Yuan's intrusion into the Demon Realm would be ignored.

Thanks to the Star Lord Si Ming, word about the scandalous relations of Mo Yuan's bride had traveled far and wide, even to the foot of Kunlun Mountain. That someone would humiliate their Master to this degree saddened and angered the disciples at Kunlun. But there were other tales too, about their Shifu and the Demon Goddess and their activities during the Festival. The disciples dared not repeat the gossip amongst each other, but truth was, they were not surprised to see the Goddess carried here in his arms either. There had also been a messenger from the Nine Heavens this morning, the cause most certainly the presence of a Demon woman on their holy mountain - but they did not think it wrong that their Shifu had brought her here. He must have his reasons and his reasons must be good.

Upon his arrival in front of Seventeenth's room, Zi Lan could hear a loud crash and the very angry voice of the Demon Goddess, shouting insults, demanding Shifu explain himself.

"As I said," Shifu's calm voice was to be heard, "you will be my wife."

Zi Lan opened his eyes wide in shock. Wife? Did Shifu just say wife? She was going to be their Shimu?

"Have you lost your mind?" the woman screamed, "Did Cheng Yin give you a blow to the head?"

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