Chapter 36

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written by Panda
Edited by kakashi

Back when Ye Hua had explained to Bai Qian that the Demon Goddess was not after him but rather her Shifu, she hadn't wanted to believe it. When the news had come that that woman and her Shifu were married - without a proper ceremony at that! - she hadn't wanted to believe it either. Later, she had been angry. Then, she had felt sad. Now, all there was left was bewilderment. She just didn't understand what her Shifu could possibly have in common with that crass and rude goddess.

With a pang of nostalgia, she thought about Kunlun back when she had still been a disciple. To expect everyone and everything to remain the same was foolish, of course. But after her Shifu had woken up, all the other disciples had returned to Kunlun and had resumed their lives at the school. While she moved on to a new life, they had not. That change was happening at Kunlun now was only natural, but it still made her emotional. Shifu, Shifu had gotten married and it was likely her seniors would not stay on Kunlun forever. Sighing, she realized she had been absentmindedly rubbing the scar on her breast. It was quite fitting that it ached today.

She gasped loudly when she felt hands embrace her from behind.

"Qian Qian", Ye Hua whispered by her neck, his arms crossed over her belly.

Contentedly, she sank back into his hug. "Yes, Ye Hua."

"You didn't even notice when I came in. You have been more absent minded of late, is it the baby?"

She nodded.

"I also saw you were rubbing your scar," he continued. "Has it been aching you a lot? Let me go and get the Medicine God."

"Ye Hua!" she exclaimed and turned hastily to face him. "You fuss too much! And you know this is because of my pregnancy too. Especially since..." She stopped, blushing deeply and headed towards the bed.

"Especially since what, Qian Qian" he asked his eyes full of laughter.

"Ye Hua!"

He took her hand and walked with her to the bed. He sat down and lifted her on his knees. "Qian Qian, I know you have gotten more sensitive around your scar area, I promise to pay special attention to it later."

She blushed even deeper and buried her head against his chest as his body shook with laughter. Indeed, though things had changed, change didn't always have to be a bad thing. Sitting here, wrapped in Ye Hua's arms, she felt such happiness and contentment. He slowly and gently moved his hands across her back and she settled deeper into his arms.

"Qian Qian," he called her softly.

"Hmmmm," she replied.

"I was thinking we should pay Da-Ge a visit."

Bai Qian felt her good mood dissipate instantly. "Go to Kunlun?"

"Yes, Qian Qian. Today is–"

"I know what today is", she got up and started pacing across the room. "Ye Hua, I don't want to go. That demon woman - I decidedly don't like her. And now she's in Kunlun as the Mistress!

"Qian Qian, so you won't ever go to Kunlun again because your Shifu got married to someone you don't like? Are you never going to see your seniors again? Are you never going to see Da-Ge again?"

He got up from the bed and came over to take her hands in his.

"Qian Qian, you were under the God of War's tutelage for 20,000 years and a favorite of his. I am sure you know your Shifu better than anyone else in the Realms. Think about it, have you ever known him to take a rash step? I think we should trust his judgment."

She sighed, silently admitting to herself that she was acting irrationally. Maybe it was all that gossip she kept overhearing that made her so edgy. The marriage had happened too quickly after Shifu's other engagement had been broken off - had they even checked for auspicious dates? People kept waiting for wedding ceremony invitations, but none came.

"Besides," Ye Hua continued, "I have been hearing rumblings that the Demons have already broken the peace agreement - that's something I also want to go discuss with your Shifu. He probably plans to sort things out all by himself. I want to tell him that I want to be right next to him when he goes to war."

Though still a little miffed, Bai Qian nodded her head. "Okay Ye Hua, let's go to Kunlun. It is true, I have missed everyone. I would like to speak to first senior and ..." her voice trailed off when she heard someone at the door.

"Your Highness, A-Li has come for his morning visit," Nai Nai called out.

A-Li came in and made his usual morning salutations. At the end, he did not rise up from his bow, but added a request: "Father Lord, Mother, may A-Li please accompany you to Kunlun Mountains to see Uncle God of War, his wife the High Goddess Shao Wan and the Kunlun disciples? A-Li has a message to deliver."

The memory of what had happened between the Demon Queen and her son made Bai Qian's hackles rise, but she had decided to let bygones be bygones and gracefully forgive the Demon High Goddess, who was after all her sister-in-law now.

"Of course, A-Li can come with us, go and get ready" she said and watched as he took his leave with another, sincere bow. Sometimes, that boy acted much older than his age, just like his dad, she thought.

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