Chapter 50

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written by kakashi 

Shao Wan shuffled after Mo Yuan, out of the room and into the dark hall, trying in vain to feel triumphant that she had succeeded. Now you know, Mo Yuan, that I am good at finding out where to hurt someone the most and go for it. Why did you have to tell me of your deepest fears?

They only got as far as the weiqi board before voices were heard outside and hasty steps drew closer. Mo Yuan stopped walking and waved his hand to light the candles in the hall. Several of his disciples appeared on the stairs ahead and came rushing in.

"Shifu!" one shouted, "you are awake? Oh, Shimu too."

"What trouble?" asked the God of War and gestured to his disciples to rise from their bows.

The one who cooked threw Shifu a furtive look before explaining: "It's Fong Hung, he..."

Mo Yuan pressed his lips together and scowled. His disciples ducked instinctively.

"... he caused havoc in the elixir room," another disciple quickly finished the sentence, "but it's nothing we cannot fix, Shifu, only a few broken vials, some ingredients on the floor. Please don't be angry."

"How long to restore it?" Mo Yuan asked.

"Two, three incense sticks?"

Another disciple nudged him from the side and whispered in a very low voice: "I'm sure it's much more."

"Have I taught you no better?" the God of War said, raising his voice, a little was enough, "you come here behaving like bluebottle flies and cannot even tell me what the damage is?"

"Shifu," they implored and bowed deeply.

Mo Yuan threw them another objurgatory look and continued on his way. Shao Wan followed behind, feeling apprehensive. This was not exactly a good time for Fong Hung to misbehave...

They all reached Kunlun's elixir chamber shortly and when Shao Wan saw what her toad had done, she gasped. "Only a few" had been a huge understatement. There was not one container that hadn't been broken. Every single ingredient ever used or stored at Kunlun to make an elixir was on the stone floor. In the middle of the mess sat her mount, croaking nervously, his throat working as if he was trying to form words. A thick coat of red cinnabar powder stuck to his skin like badly dried paint.

Shao Wan wanted to rush to him, but Mo Yuan was faster. At one flick of his fingers, Fong Hung was sealed into a blue bubble, lifted into the air, and thrust into the hands of the disciple who cooked.

"Seeing how Die Feng had to leave, you're in charge of throwing Fong Hung out," Mo Yuan told him.


"Did I not make myself clear? I want him off my mountain. Now. Put him outside the gates."

"Yes, Shifu," the disciple bowed, throwing Shao Wan another furtive look, and scurried away. She thought it better not to say anything. She had wanted this after all.

"You, you, and you, clean this mess up. I want this room restored to its proper state as soon as possible," Mo Yuan said, pointing at the three disciples in the front.

"But Shifu..."

"Since when is the use of 'but' appropriate when talking to me?"

"Apologies, Shifu. Please advise."

"Advise? You all know how to use magic, do you not?"

The disciples nodded their heads, throwing each other disturbed looks.

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