Chapter 31a

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written by kakashi and panda 

Shao Wan stretched lazily in Mo Yuan's arms. Having somebody hold her was entirely new to her, but Mo Yuan had hugged her close like it was something important to him, so she had stopped trying to wiggle away. In fact, it was quite warm and cozy and his skin against hers felt nicer than a silk robe. It helped that the platform now felt infinitely more comfortable with an addition of several plush pillows and a very thick fur bedspread. When Mo Yuan had got his powers back those had been the first things she had told him to get. There really was no need for bruised backs when one had immortal powers.

When the seal on his own powers had dissolved, Mo Yuan had transformed right before her eyes. She had never seen anything like it: he had changed from a mortal man with a handsome face into a god with an aura so powerful, she could feel it despite her suppressed abilities. She wondered whether Mo Yuan's seal on her powers was already weakening for her to be so sensitive to the energy emanating from him. She was still feeling dizzy from how his seal kept slamming back her phoenix powers every time she climaxed, but the effect had indeed become less of a strain as time progressed. Not that she would tell him.

It had been a very busy night - well, day and night really, with no sleep for the both of them so far. Lying there all warm and cozy and feeling very sleepy, she wondered again about the women Mo Yuan had been with. Never before had she been intimate with a man who satisfied her so quickly with so little effort and made her crave him again immediately after. It was either wrong what people said about his celibacy or she had completely mistaken the activities of a Taoist monk. This kind of skill had to come with practice.

"So this is what you have been doing in your cave all these years?" she marvelled.

"No, Shao Wan. I'm usually alone here."

"True, it is never quite as satisfying when you're alone."

Half laughing, half outraged, he murmured something about the shamelessness of demon women into her hair, but she paid him no heed. She turned around to look at him. "With whom did you practice? The Fox Woman?"

She meant no offense, she was merely curious, but it was clear he did not like that she brought up the Fox. She saw a shadow on his face, a flash of anger and that made her own familiar anger rise in response immediately. If he had to hide something, she would make sure it didn't stay hidden for long.

"Did you? I know you put me into her old room, I can still smell her."

"I told you before that she was my disciple here", he snapped, "stop implying we were lovers."

"Don't all people think that about you and Si Yin? I don't care if you were ... I only care if it was Yao Guang, I hate her."

"I want you to stop this conversation immediately," he said, with a voice as cold as ice.

Like he could tell her what to do! Did he think that she would cower just because he looked at her all scary and intimidating?

"Why? Does your Celestial propriety not allow you to speak about this? Or do you fear to hear that Cheng Yin is a more capable lover?"

That shut him up alright. He even sat up and it looked like he wanted to get dressed. Normally, she would have considered this a win, but things were not as they had been. Quickly, she grabbed him from behind and yanked him back down, so that his exquisite back was pressed against her breasts.

"I will not ask again if it upsets you so much," she whispered into his ear, feeling the rock hard muscles of his stomach underneath her hands, realizing how tense he was.

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