Chapter 42

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written by kakashi

"I'm so bored I might grow twigs out of my head soon."

Mo Yuan had been waiting for Shao Wan to make such a declaration. In fact, he was surprised she had been able to hold back for so long: She really had made progress with her self-control. She was fidgeting around on his bed, attempting to sew some clothes for her toad, quite clearly not making a lot of progress. The animal, who had grown to the size of a large tree cat, eyed him viciously from her lap.

He knew Fong Hung had completely reverted back to animal state, but he could have sworn the beast displayed open hostility towards him. That was on top of the other strange behavior he exhibited: He would turn up in the weirdest locations at Kunlun, croaking and hopping excitedly into people's faces, giving his disciples and the Princesses a fright. Mo Yuan had managed to keep the toad away from the meditation cave and the bedroom most of the time, but today, Shao Wan had declared she needed the animal around to do a proper fitting. She had put a few different pieces of fabric in front of his face and waited for Fong Hung to blink twice in case he liked it.

The toad had just stared like it always did, but Shao Wan had declared he had shown a strong interest in a dark red fabric with black cubic inserts. She had cut holes into it for its legs and was now attempting to finish the raw edges with a type of stitch the realms had not seen before.

"Do you want me to help you with that?" Mo Yuan asked.

"The God of War knows how to sew too?" she exclaimed, "what can't you do? You are truly annoying."

With a shrug, Mo Yuan went back to reading a strategic treatise written by a young, very talented mortal nobleman. He should make plans to go to the mortal realm tonight and talk to him about cultivation. This was one of those rare cases of a mortal who would be able to ascend with proper guidance. He really wanted to teach him. But would he have the time? There was never enough of it these days. That sensation was entirely new to him - never before had he felt the passage of time so acutely. It was almost frightening.

"Hold still," Shao Wan told Fong Hung and attempted to put the little coat on him again. It was much too tight. It made his hind legs stick out at weird angles.

"Don't torture him," Mo Yuan said.

Fong Hung made a disapproving sound that sounded almost human.

"Did you hear that?" Shao Wan shouted and clapped her hands ecstatically.

"I did. Would you please mind, I'm trying to read someth-"

Shao Wan threw a teacup at him. He caught it in mid-air and flashed her a disapproving look. "Like a child," he scolded.

"Ha! Would a child have done what I did to you this morning? I hope not."

Mo Yuan felt heat in his cheeks. Her foul mouth and quick wit - and everything else about her was a never ending challenge. He liked to be challenged. He had grown too complacent and self-important through millennia of being worshiped by lesser deities.

Shao Wan was currently enlarging the holes in the fabric to give more mobility to Fong Hung. It ripped with an ugly sound. The result seemed to please her though - she nodded approvingly, patting the toad on the head.

"Should I go ask 11th to help you with the sewing? He is an expert in embroidery."

"Ye Heavens!" Shao Wan exclaimed, "you have assembled quite an arsenal of girlish boys on this mountain. They cook and sew and clean all day. The perfect brides! You should be able to get quite the dowry for them."

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