Chapter 32

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written by kakashi

"I am famished!" Shao Wan declared and strode towards the cave entrance. All this lovemaking had been excellent, but now she needed real food, urgently.

In a flash, Mo Yuan was before her, blocking her way.

"Woman, you are stark naked!" he said alarmed.

She looked him up and down. "So are you. I like it."

"I won't allow you to walk around like this in front of my disciples!"

She shrugged. "They might learn to appreciate it. If they're that afraid of women, they won't be good soldiers."

"Do I have to lock you up for real?"

He seemed serious. She was still too weak to stand a chance against him in a fight, even though she felt rejuvenated and much stronger than before. This Mountain with its fabled healing properties sure was amazing.

"Wait here," he said with emphasis. "Do not move out of the cave."

He grabbed a robe and disappeared. Shao Wan considered walking out despite his warning, because he was very desirable when he was angry... but then she decided against it, since she believed it possible he would indeed punish her by locking her up. Which would likely mean him staying away from her. Which she did not consider an option. Dammit, her lust really made her too compliant.

After resting a bit more on the platform with her eyes closed - they had not slept a lot - she started to pace around, trying to pay no attention to the noises her stomach made. She could feel the excessively strong divine energy in the air and the longer she stayed in here, the more she felt it. She could also feel the God of War's essence all around her. She was almost moved to lick things to taste him. Had any demon in the history of the realms been exposed to Kunlun for this long? The mountain was obviously making her a little crazy. One could only hope it wasn't permanent.

"If you'd have told me I'd stay in Mo Yuan's meditation cave without trying to destroy it, I would have laughed at you," she said to Fong Hung, who had managed to climb out of the bowl Mo Yuan had put him in and hopped towards her.

Before the toad reached her, the God of War was back, looking very proper and stern in the right amount of robes and his usual topknot. She was quietly lamenting the change in hairstyle when he conjured three beautiful dresses from his sleeve and arranged them carefully on the meditation platform.

She was stunned. They were exactly like she liked them, dark, moody colors, simple, yet elegant cuts. They also fit her perfectly.

"What magic is this?" she demanded to know.

"I went to the mortal realm and had them made for you," Mo Yuan said matter of factly, looking at her with a pleased expression on his face.

"How did you know my size?"

He smiled one of his little smiles and said: "I took good measure last night."

She chose a dark blue one to wear. It somehow matched his robe, which was blue as well, though in a lighter tone, with dark red inserts. Mo Yuan kept looking at her as she arranged her hair, combing it with her fingers until he frowned at Fong Hung who had hopped onto his foot, croaking loudly.

"He must be hungry," Shao Wan observed. He really had grown.

"Do you need ... any other womanly things?" Mo Yuan asked, gently trying to shake the toad off by moving his foot back and forth.

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