Chapter 10

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written by Panda
edited by kakashi & JoAnne

Feeling quite content and merely slightly inebriated, Ye Hua cloud jumped back to Xiwu Palace. As soon as he entered his room - strangely enough, he had slightly miscalculated his jump and had to walk across several courtyards to get there) - Bai Qian flew into his arms.

"Ye Hua!"

He hugged her close. "Your Shifu is fine, Qian Qian. You can stop worrying."

"Are you sure, Ye Hua?" Bai Qian asked, anxiously searching his eyes.

"Yes, Qian Qian, I assure you. We had a long conversation and drank some wine together. He isn't even injured."

Ye Hua chuckled. His brother was rather the opposite of injured.

Bai Qian sniffed him, wrinkled her nose and said: "You don't smell like you just had 'some' wine, Ye Hua."

It was true. He was indeed swaying a little, but he also felt very warm and very happy. He smiled at her lovingly: how adorable and beautiful his wife was! He started to stroke her hair. Qian Qian still looked like she was debating whether to go see her Shifu herself.

"You cannot go see him yourself," he told her, resolutely. "He went into seclusion."

She seemed to let it go, finally. Heaving a sigh of relief, she exclaimed: "I was so worried! That mad, naked Demon Goddess was very powerful."

Naked? Ye Hua chuckled some more, relishing this new piece of information. It sounded like his Da-ge knew how to handle mad and powerful very well. Maybe he had misjudged his prowess? They needed to drink together again soon.

Bai Qian stepped behind Ye Hua with a brush between her teeth and divested him of his outer robes. Her taking off his gown and brushing his hair had become their nightly ritual. It was such a simple thing, but he looked forward to it every day. Often, he made sure the undressing did not stop with the outer robes.

Tonight, he could barely sit still. As soon as it looked like Qian Qian was done untying and then smoothing his hair, he pulled her onto his lap. His heart almost exploded with love. "She is entirely mine," he thought possessively. His desire surged. He could be unrestrained, now that he knew Mo Yuan did not feel any of their private communion.

"Ye Hua, I still think..."

Ye Hua caught her face between his hands and swallowed the rest of her words with his mouth, working his fingers through her long, silky hair as he kissed her passionately. He could feel her leaning into him, returning his kisses with enthusiasm. His heart began to race. Body thrumming with need, he shrugged off his remaining clothing impatiently.

He lifted her up and carried her to the bed. Eagerly trying to remove her flowery robes, he kept getting tangled in knots of gauzy fabric.

"Qian Qian," he whispered with urgency, in a voice strained with desire. "We need to make a rule; once it's nighttime in Xiwu you are only allowed to be in your undergarments... Why are you giggling?"

"Have you forgotten your magic? I thought you were particularly good at removing clothing when you are drunk."

With a little help in the form of whispered guidance and happy giggles, Ye Hua soon succeeded in removing Bai Qian's clothing. The sight of her naked body gave him welcome pause; slowing down might be a good idea. He gazed down at her, admiring the way she looked, her flushed skin and alluring curves. He slid his hand around the nape of her neck and tenderly rubbed his thumb over her soft bottom lip. One glance at the passionate invitation in her eyes, though, and his decision to take it slow was forgotten. His thumb stopped moving, he pressed it down to force her lips apart and hungrily re-captured her mouth with his own.

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